Cowboy Poet

Remembering The Queen Of Cowboy Poetry

Apr 5, 2018

  Elizabeth Ebert, known to some as the Queen of Cowboy Poetry, has passed away. The 93 year old spent most of her life near Lemmon, South Dakota. During her later years, she traveled the country to recite her poetry.


I recently  visited with Elizabeth Ebert in her rural home.  She shared her journey with cowboy poetry over a cup of coffee. Many of her memories were of the early days. She was a ten year old in South Dakota during the Great Depression.

Personalities: At Home with Baxter Black

Mar 24, 2017
Baxter Black, cowboy poet
Source: East Valley Tribune, Tempe, AZ

In Chuck Anderson's first interview with Baxter Black, the duo had a strong rapport. So, Chuck had to visit Baxter again. This time, it was in Baxter's home in Brighton, CO.

The two men picked up right where they left off, which was basically when Chuck lost control over the interview and Baxter switched roles.

Baxter welcomed Chuck to his home, apologizing for a "missing wall" that he removes every summer. Chuck was so comfortable in his environment, he forgot to introduce himself until the second minute of the interview.

Personalities: Baxter Black

Oct 3, 2016

The nation knows his tongue-in-cheek performances on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. People from the heartland listen to his imaginative-yet-relatable radio program on cowboy life. Meet the master of cowboy poetry, Baxter Black.