Chef Ellen Serves Busy Families

Jun 11, 2018
Jackelyn Severin

Busy is how many people describe their lives and it seems that Americans are only getting busier. At the same time individuals and families are trying to eat healthier which has created many business opportunities to help make cooking and eating better, more convenient. For those on the east and west coast, hiring a personal chef has become a popular option. Now a new business owner is bringing this service to Sioux Falls.

In The Moment ... May 16, 2018 Show 338 Hour 2

It's an exercise that tests the abilities of some of the military's culinary specialists, and it's all about keeping the troops healthy, happy, and well nourished.

SFC Don Kranz is a culinary management noncommissioned officer for the 147th Forward Support Company of the South Dakota National Guard.

He details the Philip A. Connelly Competition.

J. Ryan Stradal is the author of Kitchens of the Great Midwest. A Minnesota native, Stradal lives in Los Angeles, where he is an editor at Unnamed Press and the Nervous Breakdown and co-producer and host of the literary/culinary series Hot Dish. Dakota Midday host Lori Walsh spoke with Stradal at the SD Festival of Books.

Alton Brown

Fans of the Food Network know Alton Brown as the wry, quirky host of Good Eats, a show combining classroom and comedy to help demonstrate how to make a tasty food. Brown also hosts Iron Chef America and the newer Cutthroat Kitchen, a competition in which chefs have to outwit and sometimes sabotage their opponents.

America's Test Kitchen

Christopher Kimball says the reason many people don’t cook or cook well is because they’re scared of failing. But the host of America’s Test Kitchen and the founder of Cook’s Illustrated magazine says that good cooking starts with failure. Kimball believes that finding the best way to cook takes practice and time.

Kitchen Sisters Explore Secret Cooking in America

Jun 5, 2014
The Kitchen Sisters

Davia Nelson and Nikki Silva, otherwise known as NPR's Kitchen Sisters, are the Peabody Award-winning producers of Hidden Kitchens. The program explores the world of secret and unexpected cooking across America. A new season of Hidden Kitchens airs every Tuesday in June during Morning Edition. Davia Nelson joined the program to discuss the way communities come together through food.