In The Moment … January 12th, 2021 Show 971 Hour 1 On January 8, Governor Kristi Noem was published in The Federalist. She condemned the violence in the U.S. Capitol the day before. She said the Republican Party had failed Americans and that needed to change. She called the incoming Democratic Senators from Georgia "communists." She said "few American children have been taught the history of our decades-long fight to defeat communism." Today we're going to check in on a few basic definitions as we move ahead to the legislative session.

Communist coup, August 1991
Michigan State University Soviet History Archives

The "Germans from Russia" story continues with Drs. Tim Kloberdanz and Harry Delker, experts in German anthropology and heritage. Radio journalist Chuck Anderson's interview with these men expands on the Volga Russian experience during WWII, the fall of the Soviet Union, and the American experience for German-Russian immigrants.

Tim and his wife, Rosalinda, visited Volga Germans near the port town of Saratov in August 1991, during a coup against Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev. 

The United States and the Soviet Union were allies in the fight against Nazi Germany during World War Two, but after the war in Europe ended the alliance fell apart. The Soviets set up Communist regimes in Eastern Europe while the U.S. embarked on a policy of containment to prevent the spread of communist influence. With Mao’s Communist victory in China, North Korea’s invasion of South Korea, and the Soviet’s successful test of an atomic bomb, there were fears of internal subversion in the U.S.