Civil Rights

USF Prof Thompson Comments On SUPCO Decisions

Jun 7, 2018
University of Sioux Falls

In The Moment ... June 7, 2018 Show 353 Hour 2

From what kind of cake you can order at a bakery to exactly how free Americans are from unreasonable government intrusion in their homes, the United States Supreme Court weighs in on the issues of our time.

Mike Thompson, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice at the University of Sioux Falls, provides a look at some recent decisions.

South Dakota ACLU Discusses Election Season

Jun 7, 2018
South Dakota ACLU

In The Moment ... June 7, 2018 Show 353 Hour 1

It's a busy political year in South Dakota as we look ahead to a new governor, a new U.S. Representative and a new Attorney General.

South Dakota American Civil Liberties Union leadership discusses their work during this election cycle.

Heather Smith, executive director of ACLU South Dakota joins In The Moment along with policy director Libby Skarin.

In the Moment ... March 12, 2018 Show 294 Hour 2

Wilma Mankiller was the first female Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation. The documentary "Mankiller" airs this month on SDPB-TV.

Today we welcome Valerie Red-Horse Mohl, Director and Producer of MANKILLER.

Valerie's body of work spans over two decades of film and television content creation and production.

In The Moment ... January 11, 2018 Show 254 Hour 2

The Oscar-nominated film "I am Not Your Negro" airs on SDPB-TV on Monday, January 15 at 8:30 p.m CST / 7:30 MT through Independent Lens.

It's a documentary that journeys into black history in America through the words of author James Baldwin.

We talk with film producer Hèbert Peck.


In the Moment ... May 17, 2017 Show 095 Hour 1

Jonathan Ellis and Denise Ross tackle the top political stories of the week. Today we talk the political impact of low sales tax revenues and more.

Walter Brooks is a member of the Board of Directors for the Malcolm X Memorial Foundation and Visitor’s Center in North Omaha. He visits Vermillion this week for the cultural series at the historic AME Allen Chapel. We talk about the compelling history of one of the nation’s complex civil rights activists.

Lori Walsh speaks with James Jacoby, writer/producer/director of the new FRONTLINE documentary “Policing the Police.” 

Jacoby examines Newark, New Jersey’s history of police abuses and the deep-rooted challenges of fixing a broken relationship with the community. More than a year in the making, it’s a provocative journey inside one of many police departments across the country that’s now being forced to reform by the Justice Department.

Statehouse Podcast: Ed Funding Passes, Transgender Bill Veto

Mar 1, 2016

The Statehouse Podcast for Match 1st, 2016 includes stories on the passage of education funding, and a veto of the transgender bathroom bill.  Plus, news on debate over medical marijuana, guns in courthouses, and the sale of fetal body parts.

Birth Certificate Bill Labeled Attack On Transgender People

Feb 17, 2016

UPDATE: One of the measures dealing with transgender people is dead in the state legislature.
House Bill 12-09 requires the state and other entities to recognize a person's gender only as the biological sex registered at birth.  Opponents call the measure an attack on the civil rights of transgender people. They note gender can be changed even on federal passports.  

Reverend Specner Turnipseed grew up in the segregated American South. He was the son of a white clergyman who spoke out regarding issues of civil rights and social justice. The entire family was intimidated and harassed.

Turnipseed went on to find his own voice in the movement. He visited Sioux Falls to talk about guilt, courage, compassion, and the imprint of one of the most tumultuous times in American history.

Jenifer Jones

The Legislative Podcast for January 25th, 2016 includes stories on an effort to change the policy on transgender bathrooms and locker rooms in schools.  You can find more from opponents, and proponents who were interviewed on SDPB’s Dakota Midday.   This podcast also includes updates on legislation to mandate a meningitis vaccine for entry in school and an effort

On August 28th, 1963  Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his famous “I Have a Dream Speech” to over 250 thousand civil rights supporters from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial during the March on Washington. Nearly a year later, in April, Malcom X delivered his “Ballot or the Bullet” speech at the Cory Methodist Church in Cleveland, Ohio.

PRNewsFoto/U.S. Commission on Civil Rights

Studies are underway in Rapid City looking into the interactions between the city’s police department and the Native American community. As a part of that research, the South Dakota Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights holds a public briefing on Wednesday on the administration of criminal justice in Rapid City at the United Tribes Technical College-Black Hills Learning Center. The committee will hear testimony concerning the administration of justice and its impact on Native Americans and other minorities, their families and the Rapid City community.

"The Powerbroker"

Feb 11, 2013

Next Monday, February 18, SDPB-TV will show "The Powerbroker: Whitney Young's Fight for Civil Rights" on Independent Lens.  Young's niece, Bonnie Boswell, is an award-winning reporter, producer, commentator and talk show host.  Boswell is also Executive Director of "The Powerbroker."  She talked about her uncle and the documentary on Monday's Dakota Midday.