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SDPB News Podcast: Jan 21

4 hours ago

At least six South Dakotans received pardons from Donald Trump during the last days of his presidency. Plus, a state senate committee is advancing a bill that continues the Department of Health authority to place people not following COVID-19 guidelines in court ordered isolation.

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In The Moment … January 15th, 2021 Show 973 Hour 1

The Governor of South Dakota delivers a "State of the State" address to the opening day of the state legislature. The address typically offers a mix of accomplishments from the previous year and plans for the year ahead.  Governor Kristi Noem addressed the state legislature Tuesday. Her initiatives this year included an abortion ban, expansion of broadband services, ag industry investment, civics education, and scholarships.  

Jackie Hendry

U.S. Senator John Thune made a classroom visit to New Tech High School in Sioux Falls. In January, students wrote letters to South Dakota’s congressional delegation, and Thune took them up on the invitation. He also answered a variety of student questions—most centering on climate change, and one on the potential of removing the party whip position in Congress. 

Senator Thune says he believes the climate is changing and that human activities are at least partially responsible. He acknowledges it’s important to reduce carbon emissions.

Chris Laughery

In The Moment ... May 13, 2019 Show 574 Hour 2

South Dakota Secretary of Education Ben Jones joins us to discuss the department's strategic focus, empowering administrators and teachers, and the ongoing conversation about civics education in South Dakota schools.

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