Adria Botella

In The Moment ... August 27, 2018 Show 409 Hour 1

If you have gone to the doctor in South Dakota, you have most likely been influenced by the legacy of Dr. Rod Parry without knowing it. 

He has served patients as a physician and medical students fellow physicians as an educator, mentor, leader, and Dean of the University of South Dakota Medical School. 

He is also a 2018 inductee into the South Dakota Hall of Fame.

The Honors Ceremony is going to be held in Chamberlain/Oacoma, SD on September 7 and 8 and is open to the public. 

Adria Botella

In The Moment ... August 21, 2018 Show 405 Hour 2

Today we welcome in Anne Rieck McFarland.

Anne has spent many years in the human service profession and has enjoyed many successes. One of them is soon being a member of the South Dakota Hall of Fame.

The Honors Ceremony is going to be held in Chamberlain/Oacoma, SD on September 7 and 8 and is open to the public.

Kealey Bultena / SDPB

South Dakota authorities have taken 500-thousand dollars’ worth of a dangerous drug off the street. Tuesday Chamberlain Police and the state’s Division of Criminal Investigation executed a search warrant. They found 20,000 fentanyl pills.

Fentanyl has real medical uses. The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that doctors prescribe the synthetic opioid to ease pain after surgery or alleviate chronic pain. People addicted to drugs may use fentanyl that’s manufactured for medicine.

In The Moment ... May 23, 2017 Show 099 Hour 1

Steve Bannon made a career as a voice for the anti-establishment. Now he's chief strategist for President Donald Trump. For FRONTLINE's "Bannon's War," producers drew on nearly 30 in-depth interviews with political insiders, Bannon's former associates at Breitbart, authors, and journalists. It tells the story of one man's quest to transform America. You can see it tonight on SDPB-TV at 9 central, 8 mountain. Joining us today to talk about "Bannon's War," producer Gabrielle Schonder.

Dakota Midday: Dignity Dedication

Sep 19, 2016

The 50 foot statue named Dignity now stands on the Missouri River bluff near Chamberlain. It depicts a young Lakota woman wrapping a star blanket around her shoulders.

SDPB's Charles Michael Ray attended the dedication. He shares some of his reflections on his own experience along with the sights and sounds of the event. 

Click play below to listen.

South Dakota Hosts 2016 Great Race

Jun 20, 2016

This week a line of vintage, open-faced race cars are taking off on the 2016 Great Race. South Dakotans can experience the car rally at three stops across the state.

Participants of the 34th annual Great Race plan to make stops in Rapid City, Chamberlain and Sioux Falls June 23 and 24. Jeff Stumb is the director of the Great Race. He says this year’s theme is based on the Lincoln highway, but cars will deviate off of that route to visit Mt. Rushmore and the Badlands.

Giant Statue Planned For Missouri River Overlook

Dec 15, 2014

A 45-foot tall statue of a Lakota woman receiving a star quilt is planned for the Missouri River at Chamberlain.     The statue titled “Dignity” intends to honor Native people.

South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard says the McKie family from the Black Hills is donating one million dollars to help fund the project.

“The monument will honor the heritage of our Native people and it will be something residents, tourists and  others to see as they travel on Interstate-90 and that’s thanks to the Norm McKie and Eunabel Mackie family,” says Daugaard  

The Chamberlain School Board plans to vote tonight on whether to include a Lakota Honor song at the school’s graduation ceremony. It’s the second year in a row the request has been made. It was turned down last year in a decision at least one member of the community is calling racist. But while many in Chamberlain would like the song to be added, they say racism is not at the heart of the decision.