The National Park Service is partnering with several states in the Rocky Mountain region to limit the spread of a disease found in bats called White-Nose Syndrome.

In June, the disease was found at Badlands National Park, and the nearby Fort Laramie Historic Site in Eastern Wyoming.

The park service says interagency efforts are underway to limit the spread of this deadly fungus into cave areas in northern Colorado, Wyoming and South Dakota.

Holly Krake is a spokesperson for the park service.

Water Table Fluctuations In Wind Cave

Jun 21, 2013

Wind Cave is a window into the Madison Aquifer - it supplies water to half the state. Now, new research on the past water table fluctuations in Wind Cave is yielding some interesting results. The on-going study is lending insight to the genesis of the crystals and formations that line the cave walls. The research may even tell scientists something about the past climate in the Black Hills. SDPB's Charles Michael Ray caught up with Dr. Art Palmer. He and his wife Peggy are widely recognized experts on Speleology, or the science of caves.

Spelunking In South Dakota

Mar 21, 2013

Don Kopp has written about his experience exploring rarely seen reaches of Jewel Cave in the cover story in the March/April 2013 issue of South Dakota Magazine.  Kopp accompanied Black Hills caving pioneers Herb and Jan Conn on a journey to Metrecal Cavern several years ago.  The route passed through openings only a few inches wide.  Kopp, a spelunking enthusiast, explored dozens of caves during his 29-year career with the state Division of Forestry.  Kopp was joined on Dakota Midday by South Dakota Magazine editor Katie Hunhoff.