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News Special: Future of Farming

Oct 30, 2019

In The Moment has been covering the future of farming all October and today we bring you a special that takes key interviews from the month and brings them together in one podcast.

You'll hear from ag producers, researchers, and scientists that all have a unique perspective on the question: What does the future of farming in South Dakota look like?

News: Oct 19 - 25

Oct 25, 2019

South Dakota has settled the “riot-boosting” lawsuit, USD’s Director of International Studies talks Syria, Ranchers talk cattle prices, and SDPB's Lee Strubinger discusses state-controlled substance laws.

All this and more in this week’s In the Moment news podcast.

In The Moment ... October 22, 2019 Show 684 Hour 2

The lack of Country of Origin Labeling has had a dramatic impact on cattle prices. It's affecting everything from what's in the hamburger you eat to the impact on natural resources.

As part of SDPB's month-long look at the future of farming and the ag industry, we visit with South Dakota ranchers B.J. Richter and Brett Kenzy for their take on cattle prices.

Charles Michael Ray

South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard says a budget shortfall in the state is partially a result of low commodity prices. Both ranchers and farmers have taken a hit over the last year.

Two livestock industry groups in South Dakota have differing opinions on the root causes of low cattle prices.

Over the last year live cattle futures have consistently dropped until around October when they began rebounding.

That drop in cattle prices is one of the reason’s Governor Dennis Daugaard is calling for a leaner than normal budget for Fiscal Year 2018.

Drop In Cattle Prices Hurting South Dakota Ranchers

Sep 21, 2016

South Dakota ranchers and cattle feeders are feeling the pinch as sale prices are falling.

Some in the industry blame country of origin labeling and foreign beef imports, but others say a number of factors can contribute to a drop in prices.

Recent drops in the market mean some ranchers are losing as much as 400 dollars per-head.

Energy and spirits are low that the Mitchell Livestock Auction house.

Officials in sale barns like this say cattle prices are hitting lows not experienced since 2009. This drop comes after a spike in late 2014.