Capitol Building

PBS Newshour

We examine the events that led up to the January 6th violent disruption of the democratic process inside the U.S. Capitol building. We'll recap how a mob of pro-Trump extremists breached the barriers of the Capitol and gained access to both chambers of Congress, temporarily interrupting the official Congressional certification of state election results. 


Guests 1 (00:00): U.S. Representative Dusty Johnson.

Guests 2 (16:46): Lisa Hager and David Wiltse, professors of political science at South Dakota State University. 

Statehouse: Jan 28, 2020

Jan 28, 2020

The Statehouse podcast is SDPB Radio's legislative podcast that features a compilation of the top stories coming from Pierre. 

In today's edition, you will hear about a bill that look to place a ban on the banning of plastic straws and bags. All this and more in today's Statehouse podcast.


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Tupper Talks Big Changes At Capitol

Jan 15, 2020

In The Moment ... January 15, 2020 Show 734 Hour 2

SDPB's Seth Tupper has been examining some big changes recently in the visitor experience at the Capitol building in Pierre. Seth joins us with more.

Kealey Bultena / SDPB

  Legislators passed a law last year allowing some people to carry guns in the South Dakota Capitol at Pierre, but beginning next week, other people could be disarmed at the Capitol door. 

Cara Hetland / SDPB

  A new kind of pass is available for frequent visitors to the South Dakota Capitol who want to get through security quickly.

Applications for Capitol Access Passes are available beginning Monday from the Highway Patrol, the Capitol Security Office and the Bureau of Administration website

Christmas At The Capitol

Dec 4, 2012

The annual display of Christmas trees can now be viewed at the State Capitol building in Pierre.  Mike Mueller, special projects coordinator for the South Dakota Bureau of Administration, talked about the history of the display as well as restoration and preservation projects.