Cameron Stalheim

Cameron Stalheim Plans One-Day Exhibit

20 hours ago
Cameron Stalheim

About two hundred mixed media visual pieces are being displayed in a Sioux Falls Gallery for a one day only Valentine’s show. Local sculpture Cameron Stalheim spent 10 months creating the exhibit titled ‘As Above, So Below’. It originally opened at the University of South Dakota. 

“Right now I’m currently mixing up some epoxy resin just to give a little more depth to some pieces I’m displaying.”

Artist Sculpts Humans Into Mythical Creatures

Sep 26, 2017
Chynna Lockett

Art is a form of self-expression and a means to create a statement. Sometimes the subject matter can cause a stir. One artist in Sioux Falls explains how nudity in his life-size pieces pushes people to think about the human form in a different way.

Cameron Stalheim’s studio tells a story. On one side are pieces of sculpted of mythical creatures. There’s also a disembodied head with flowing blond hair. It’s an open room with a tall ceiling.

Stalheim: “I describe myself more of a figurative sculptor or an experimental artist as well I suppose.”