Burlap Wolf King

Michael Henry

In The Moment ... May 19, 2017 Show 097 Hour 1

Morrisa Maltz

In The Moment ... March 21, 2017 Show 054 Hour 2

Prior to the 92nd session of the South Dakota legislature, we welcomed South Dakota Supreme Court Chief Justice David Gilbertson for a preview. Now, as the session comes to a close, we welcome him back to the program for a recap. We talk about HB1183 and mental health legislation set to change the way citizens with mental health issues interact with the criminal justice system.

Burlap Wolf King At Icon Lounge

Jan 9, 2017

Burlap Wolf King is Thomas Hentges' stage name.  It's also the name of the powerful band which he fronts.  In its full band form, Burlap Wolf King also includes Megan DeBoer, Adam Jones, John Myers, Phil Mueller and Alex Olsen. 

The Sioux Falls based group was recorded live, in one of their very first shows together, at Icon Lounge in Sioux Falls on September 10, 2016.  Fans were treated to new music which Burlap Wolf King will release in May on an album titled Bitter Honey.

In The Moment...January 6 2017 Show 005 Hour 1

Guests: Lieutenant Governor of South Dakota Matt Michels; Burlap Wolf King, SD singer/songwriter 

Thomas Hentges (stage name: Burlap Wolf King) joins us on Dakota Midday.  Burlap Wolf King performs this Saturday night at the label launch for Different Folk Records (www.differentfolkrecords.com) along with Jack Klatt, the Union Grove Pickers, Jami Lynn and Ryan Kickland.  The launch show is at 7:30 p.m. (11/14) at Icon Lounge in Sioux Falls. Burlap Wolf King will perform a couple of songs live at the Sioux Falls studio and discuss the new record label and what it means to area recording artists.