Buffalo Chip

News: Sep 21 - 27

Sep 27, 2019

South Dakota does not publicly fund preschool education, but there are efforts to ensure excellence in early learning throughout the state; we talked with the Preschool Levels of Excellence team to learn more.

In 2014 Jolene's Law Task Force was convened to study the impact of child sexual abuse in South Dakota. This week we had a conversation with the task force about protecting our children and building communities that help prevent child abuse and build resilience. 

Chynna Lockett

The Sturgis Rally features activities such as rock concerts, motorcycle races and mud wrestling. But the rally also includes events that celebrate motorcycle culture. 

The art exhibition in the new town of the Buffalo Chip, South Dakota, is titled the Naked Truth, Motorcycles Exposed. It included metal motorcycles sitting on pedestals that are scattered around the room.

Amy Varland

Sturgis Brown High School students are participating in the annual Buffalo Chip Student Build Challenge. The students are getting a lesson in creativity, exposure to the industrial arts - and helping local charities.

Organizers say the Student Build Challenge is a group project where a new Harley Davidson motorcycle is stripped down, cut in half, and rebuilt using donated motorcycle parts.

The rebuilt, state-of-the-art motorcycle is then auctioned off at the rally - proceeds go to local charities.