Brian Gosch

Jenifer Jones

Teachers from across the state say they’re traveling to Pierre to support education funding, yet not everyone is convinced the move is right. A leading lawmaker and the president of a statewide teachers’ organization have different perspectives on the effect of educators turning up at the Statehouse. Still teachers plan to show up this week for debate in Piere. 

There are 85 Republicans and 20 Democrats in the South Dakota Legislature. Although one party has a clear majority, leaders say with issues like Medicaid expansion and tax increases, both sides need to work together to accomplish goals.

A bill clarifying whether or not a political candidate can notarize their own nomination petitions passed out of the Committee on Local Government in Pierre.  The bill says the candidate may not notarize his or her own nominating petition. 
South Dakota Secretary of State Jason Gant says candidates have notarized their own nomination petitions in the past and clarification is needed.