Brian Gevik


In The Moment ... July 16, 2019 Show 616 Hour 1

50 years ago today a gigantic Saturn 5 carrying the Apollo 11 crew lifted off a launch pad Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Three days later the crew reached the moon and landed and astronaut Neil Armstrong became the first human to set foot on the moon.

SDPB’s Brian Gevik has produced a 30 minute documentary on the topic… looking at the state’s connections to the space age from the beginning up to the present day.

In The Moment ... June 26, 2019 Show 604 Hour 2

The 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing is just a couple of weeks away and SDPB is featuring some space-related stories to mark the event.

A preview of the SDPB documentary Space Age South Dakota are as follows:

In Sioux Falls on Thursday 6/27/19 at 7pm at the SDPB studio at 601 N Phillips Avenue in downtown Sioux Falls

Saturday, July 13, 9:30am – South Dakota Air & Space Museum in Box Elder

Space Age South Dakota

Jun 11, 2019

In The Moment ... June 11, 2019 Show 593 Hour 1

Next month marks the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission to the moon. You may not realize this but South Dakota and South Dakotan's have had a surprisingly important role in space exploration. SDPB producer Brian Gevik has been looking at that role and he's traveled to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida to learn more.

The Collectors

May 7, 2019
David Fransen

In the Moment ... May 7, 2019 Show 570 Hour 2

The Collectors is a SDPB-TV documentary that features four people from South Dakota who have done incredible things with photograph collections.

The four are Paul Horsted, Mike Wiese, Robert Kolbe and David Fransen.

SDPB's Brian Gevik details the project that can be seen at

Valley Queen Cheese, Milbank

In The Moment ... April 4, 2019 Show 549 Hour 1

One of South Dakota's most successful ag ventures is celebrating 90 years of continuous operation in Milbank. The Valley Queen cheese factory has been an economic pillar for Milbank and northeastern South Dakota since 1929.

Valley Queen is a multi-million dollar venture today, but it started humbly on the hopes and dreams of two Swiss immigrants who hadn't planned to set up shop in Milbank at all.

Deadwood History, Inc., Adams Museum Collection

In The Moment ... April 1, 2019 Show 547 Hour 2

The gold seekers and other pioneers who came to Deadwood in 1876 were a mix of well-intentioned settlers and honest but rambling fortune hunters.

There was also a small handful of pioneers who took on the challenge of building a community from the ground up. George V. Ayres was one of those visionaries. He know the value of good roads and worked hard to turn the region's old freight rails into an actual transportaion network.

SDPB's Brian Gevik has more in Images of the Past.

Adria Botella

In The Moment ... February 4, 2019 Show 508 Hour 2

Who knew that Tootsie the Coyote was the unofficial mascot of Deadwood during the 1950's. SDPB's Brian Gevik visits with Carolyn Weber from Deadwood History Inc. with more.

Also, a discussion about collectors and collections of historical images.

Deadwood History, Inc

In The Moment ... January 7, 2019 Show 489 Hour 2

We lost Teddy Roosevelt 100 years ago yesterday. Some people in South Dakota got together to memorialize the 26th president of the United States. SDPB’s Brian Gevik joins us with more.

Adria Botella

In The Moment ... January 3, 2019 Show 487 Hour 2

South Dakota has 13 state parks with the first being Custer which came about in 1919. A new documentary "A Century of South Dakota State Parks" offers a look at the development of the state park system in South Dakota and tells some of stories behind several of the parks.

SDPB's Brian Gevik joins us for a preview of the new Images of the Past documentary. It airs tonight at 8:30 CT / 7:30 MT on SDPB-TV.

Deadwood History, Inc., Adams Museum Collection

In The Moment ... December 3, 2018 Show 471 Hour 2

Deadwood South Dakota had a very popular trade show during the 1930's and 40's. The first one was in 1935 in the middle of the Great Depression. Hannah Marshall Bawden is an archivist from Deadwood History Inc., She and SDPB's Brian Gevik talk about this on today's images of the past segment.

John C. H. Grabill Collection, Library of Congress

In the Moment ... November 26, 2018 Show 466 Hour 2

If you are into historical people and documents and maybe old photos, the internet is more than likely your friend. In todays world, we have access to all sorts of websites and subscriptions that help us keep up on history.

SDPB's Brian Gevik joins us today with tips on places to go if you are into South Dakota history.

Click here

In The Moment ... November 19, 2018 Show 463 Hour 2

The summer of the early 1940's allowed the military addition of the USS South Dakota to its fleet. She was a battleship that found herself in 13 different battles and is the most decorated naval vessel of World War II. SDPB's Brian Gevik joins us with more.

Deadwood History, Inc., Homestake Mining Company Collection

In The Moment ... November 5, 2018 Show 454 Hour 2

Carolyn Weber is the director of Deadwood History Inc. SDPB's Brian Gevik joins us today to share his interview with her regarding the Homestake Mine Lockout of 1909-1910.

Civilian Conservation Corps Museum of South dakota, Hill City

In The Moment ... September 17, 2018 Show 423 Hour 2

They called them the CCC Boys.

Today’s Images of the Past focus is the Civilian Conservation Corps.

Otto Bochman, director of the CCC Museum of South Dakota in Hill City, joined In The Moment from the Black Hills Surgical Hospital Studio in Rapid City to share fascinating tales of the Civilian Conservation Corps.

In The Moment ... June 26, 2018 Show 366 Hour 2

It was the War to End All Wars, and for the past week we've been bringing you conversations on In the Moment about SDPB's new Images of the Past Documentary: From the Great Plains to the Great War.

If you missed the premiere, you can catch the rebroadcast of the film on Thursday, June 28 at 8:00 p.m. Central on SDPB-TV. Producer Brian Gevik visits about researching his latest project.

Images Of The Past: Artist Charlie Russell

Apr 9, 2018
1881 Courthouse Museum

In the Moment ... April 9, 2018 Show 311 Hour 2

For this week's Images of the Past, SDPB's Brian Gevik introduces us to artist Charlie Russell, a man fascinated with the West and the people who lived there.

We also welcome SDPB's Steve Rokusek also known as Science Steve.

Images Of The Past With Brian Gevik

Apr 3, 2018
Bill Groethe

In the Moment ... April 3, 2018 Show 307 Hour 2

Bill Groethe photographed the last survivors of the Little Big Horn in 1948.  SDPB's Brian Gevik discusses the photo's and Groethe's interesting career.


In The Moment ... March 6, 2018 Show 290 Hour 1

The Frawley Ranch began in the 1870s and grew to be one of the largest in the upper Midwest. The history of Freeman, South Dakota's Mennonite settlers is preserved at the town's Heritage Hall Museum. SDPB's Brian Gevik join In the Moment for a preview of the documentary.

Canton City Library

In the Moment ... February 26, 2018 Show 284 Hour 2

SDPB's Brian Gevik joins us to discuss South Dakota's Olympic tradition. It's a look at the Canton Ski Hill on this week's Images of the Past.

In The Moment ... December 14, 2017 Show 240 Hour 1 

SDPB's Lee Strubinger and SDPB's Brian Gevik offer updates on the Legion Lake Fire, including a look at what's being done to save the historic structures of Custer State Park.

In The Moment ... Images Of The Past / Big Bend Dam

Nov 6, 2017
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

In The Moment ... November 6, 2017 Show 214 Hour 2

This week's Images of the Past feature focuses on a film that shows the different stages of construction of the Big Bend Dam on the Missouri River near Ft. Thompson. 

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers began construction in 1959.  The dam project was completed in 1966.

SDPB's Brian Gevik speaks with Rick Clark, superintendent of the Missouri National Recreational River in Yankton about the challenging aspects of trying to manage a major river system.

In The Moment ... October 16, 2017 Show 199 Hour 1

When the George S. Mickelson Trail was formally dedicated in 1997, the project's many supporters decided to host a celebratory ride along the trail’s entire 109 miles. Twenty years later, cyclist still brave the elements, the potential gear failures, and the saddle sores for the trek. This year, SDPB's Larry Rohrer and Brian Gevik paid their registration fees and donned their helmets to embrace the trail. They join us with highlights.

Lori Walsh

In The Moment ... August 22, 2017 Show 161 Hour 2

The school supplies fly off the shelves, and the bulletin boards are stapled in place. Lori Simon is superintendent of the Rapid City School District. She joins us to talk about the districts new strategic plan.

Kobee Stadler is the new Visitor Services Program Manager at Custer State Park and Lydia Austin is the Interpretive Programs Manager. From the annual buffalo roundup to a new children’s center, they join us today for a look at what's ahead in Custer State Park.

In The Moment ... August 21, 2017 Show 160 Hour 1

The South Dakota Board of Technical Education was formed July 1st after the passage of Amendment R. Dana Dykhouse serves as board president. He joins us for a conversation about workforce development in the state and about how the technical school grads of today just might become the small business owners and entrepreneurs of South Dakota’s tomorrow.


In the Moment ... June 21, 2017 Show 119 Hour 2

Dakota Political Junkies Denise Ross and Seth Tupper join us to talk about the top political headlines in the state. Today we tackle the Rapid City billboard debate, bentanine taxation, and the ongoing conversation between voters and lawmakers regarding voter-initiated ballot measures.

In The Moment ... April 3, 2017 Show 063 Hour 2

A powerful new documentary looks at the aftermath of the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut. It was filmed over the course of nearly three years and includes never-before-heard testimonies from parents, survivors, and first responders. "Newtown" is raw and challenging and heartbreaking. You can see it tonight on Independent Lens on SDPB TV. We welcome the film's director and producer Kim Snyder.