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Sean Covel's "Marlon McDoogle's Magical Night"

Nov 24, 2020
SD Humanities

In The Moment … November 24, 2020 Show 948 Hour 2

Now it's time to get a little bit messy. Grown-ups, put down your cell phones and pick up a book. Reading is very pandemic friendly. Sean Covel is the author of the children's book series "Porter the Hoarder." It's an interactive romp through ransacked rooms, gold coins, and candy explosions.

Thousands of copies of the book "Porter the Hoarder" will make their way into the hands of school children in South Dakota. It comes in a package that includes "parent homework," encouraging parents and kids to read together.

Sarah Herbert's New George McGovern Book

Nov 23, 2020
Sarah Herbert

In The Moment … November 23, 2020 Show 947 Hour 2

George McGovern's leadership and service to others is now captured in a book for children.
"George McGovern: South Dakota's Legendary Legislator" is written for students in grades 4-8, especially for those in need of research material on South Dakota's former U.S. Senator.

The book is the first for author Sarah Nearman Herbert, a former teacher.

"Wintering" with Katherine May

Nov 19, 2020

In The Moment … November 19, 2020 Show 945 Hour 1

Sometimes you feel as if you have slipped through the cracks and landed in an alternate place. Maybe because of an illness. A South Dakota blizzard. A job loss. A pandemic. Katherine May has not only studied these in-between spaces, she has lived them. Her new book is called "Wintering: The Power of Rest and Retreat in Difficult Times." In the book, she explores solitude and sickness, cold-water swimming, and the warmth of story.

"We Gather Together" with Denise Kiernan

Nov 18, 2020
Courtesy: Penguin Random House

Thanksgiving in America has become a time for overladen tables, the Macy's Parade, football, and Black Friday shopping. This year looks a little different, of course, but how did we get here?

In "We Gather Together," Denise Kiernan turns her passion for history and unparalleled research to a topic that could not be timelier: gratitude.

We Gather Together Audiobook Excerpt:

Audio excerpted courtesy Penguin Random House Audio from We Gather Together by Denise Kiernan, read by the author.

South Dakota Magazine

In The Moment … November 9, 2020 Show 938 Hour 1

Have you found yourself doing more reading as the pandemic has eliminated other avenues of entertainment? Are you planning to read more with winter waiting in the wings? Do you have favorites that you like to re-read? We welcome John Andrews, Managing Editor of South Dakota Magazine. In the new November/December issue, Andrews writes about ten books to pass the time and grow your appreciation of South Dakota. The article is called "Books to Read Again. And Again."

Nicholson Baker Talks Baseless

Jul 28, 2020
Nicholson Baker

In The Moment … July 28, 2020 Show 868 Hour 1

Did the United States use biological weapons on our enemies during the Korean War? The quest to find out has been anything but simple for author and historian Nicholson Baker. He has spent more than a decade trying to find the answer, and a good portion of that has been spent waiting. He's written a book about his search for secrets in the ruins of the Freedom of Information Act. The book is called "Baseless." Author Nicholson Baker joins us with more.  

In The Moment … July 10, 2020 Show 856 Hour 1

Twenty-two regional experts take on the challenge of defining and exploring the "Interior Borderlands" in a new book by the same title. Where does the Midwest fade and the Great Plains begin? Is the West a geographic distinction or a cultural one? How does where we live define who we are? The book was honored this month at the Midwest Book Awards as one of the region's best. Today we welcome the book's editor and publisher, Jon Lauck and Harry Thompson. 


Richard Haass' THE WORLD: A Brief Introduction

May 18, 2020
Richard Haass

In The Moment … May 18, 2020 Show 819 Hour 1

Globalization presents many challenges. What happens thousands of miles away does affect our lives? The example being COVID 19, which is said to have originated in a Chinese city that many of us had never heard of. Richard Haass is the president of the Council on Foreign Relations and his new book is called "THE WORLD: A Brief Introduction."


Arts & Lifestyle: Apr 25 - May 1

May 1, 2020

In this week's In the Moment Arts & Lifestyle Podcast, we learn about the development of the first telephone network in South Dakota, discuss the role of faith during the pandemic, and a #1 New York Times best selling author joins us to talk her newest book.

Kristin L. Hoganson

In The Moment ... April 30, 2020 Show 807 Hour 2

As South Dakotans look to the future, we also look to our history for insight into how the world sees us and how we see ourselves. Kristin Hoganson's book "The Heartland: An American History" is now available in paperback. It's a look at the history and mythology of what is known as the American heartland. But what is the heartland, exactly?  


Sarah Urist Green: The Art Assignment

Apr 15, 2020
Penguin House

In The Moment ... April 15, 2020 Show 796 Hour 2

Author Sarah Urist Green is challenging all to make art that reflects the world as you see it. She and her husband have traveled the globe meeting with artists and gathering assignments that all of us can do. Sarah Urist Green is the creator, curator, and host of the web series The Art Assignment.


Staying Safe On The Farm

Mar 10, 2020

In The Moment ... March 10, 2020 Show 770 Hour 2

Staying Safe on the Farm with Jaxon was written by Mary Mandery in honor of her nephew who lost his life in a farm accident. Jaxon's father, Troy Boomsma, has become an advocate for farm safety. He joins SDPB's Steve Zwemke to impart his knowledge on accident prevention.

Bryan Moes of Moes Feedlot joins the conversation to discuss grain entrapment and to share details of a grain entrapment prevention film and demonstration in Webster this afternoon.

DSU's Sewell Contributes To YA Literature Explorations

Feb 5, 2020

In The Moment ... February 4, 2020 Show 746 Hour 1

Dr. William Sewell, associate professor of English education at Dakota State University, has contributed a chapter to the book "Critical Explorations of Young Adult Literature: Identifying and Critiquing the Canon."

"The book is designed to critique canonical young adult (YA) literature, books that are very important to the genre," Sewell said.

His chapter is on the 1974 book "The Chocolate War" by Robert Cormier.

Shooting for Success

Jan 6, 2020
Laurel Simpson

In The Moment ... January 6, 2020 Show 727 Hour 1 Becky Hammons was a standout basketball player for Stevens High School but was considered too small to be a major college player. Becky spent 16 years in the WNBA and then became the first female assistant coach in the NBA. Gloria Riherd wrote a book on Beck called, "Becky Hammon: Shooting for Success." Riherd is part of an Acts of Excellence celebration today at Black Hills State University where she will be discussing her book.

In The Moment ... November 12, 2019 Show 698 Hour 2

Award-winning author, journalist, and radio host Manoush Zomorodi is fascinated by the intersection of technology and brain science. Specifically, what's happening inside our brains when we get bored.

Zomorodi is author of the book Bored and Brilliant: How Spacing Out Can Unlock Your Most Productive and Creative Self. She's coming to Northern State University in Aberdeen this week as part of the Common Read.

Thank You, Oma!

Nov 7, 2019
Andrew Bork

In The Moment ... November 7, 2019 Show 696 Hour 2

Every year Jumpstart's Read for the Record celebrates literacy by encouraging everyone to read the same book on the same day to help set a new world record for reading. Today, across South Dakota, volunteers are flooding schools and libraries to Read for the Record. This year's book is called Thank You, Oma! It's all about the power of sharing.

  Arts and Entertainment reporting on SDPB is supported by the South Dakota Education Association

Lori Walsh

In The Moment ... November 6, 2019 Show 695 Hour 1

Retired Marine Corps General James Mattis was President Donald Trump's first Secretary of Defense. Secretary Mattis believed in keeping the United States military apolitical. He believed in restoring the military's budget for force readiness. And he believed America is stronger because of her allies. Not all of his beliefs, however, meshed with the new Commander in Chief.

Chris Laughery

In The Moment ... September 26, 2019 Show 667 Hour 1

Katherine Gunn paid a steep price for alerting the world about illegal intelligence actions which led to the invasion of Iraq and the ousting of Saddam Hussein.

Gunn's story is told in the movie "Official Secrets" starring Keira Knightley. Her story is also told in the book The Spy Who Tried to Stop a War by South Dakota author Marcia Mitchell.

In The Moment ... September 12, 2019 Show 657 Hour 2

Have we moved beyond the days when facts matter? Lee Hartley Carter's new book, Persuasion: Convincing Others When Facts Don't Seem to Matter, is about persuading people to change their minds ... whether you want their vote, their allegiance, or simply their help with the dishes.


In The Moment ... August 15, 2019 Show 638 Hour 2

Language is evolving at breakneck speed thanks to the internet, social media, meme culture and more. And researchers are taking notice.

Gretchen McCulloch is a linguist and author of the book Because Internet: Understanding the New Rules of Language. It's essential reading for anyone who's wondered how to punctuate a text message or from where memes originate.

Joshua Haiar

In The Moment ... August 13, 2019 Show 636 Hour 2

Author and political scientist Jon Schaff joins SDPB's Lori Walsh for an in-depth look at Abraham Lincoln during the Brown Bag Book Club. We get beyond Lincoln as a talking point and explore what understanding his statesmanship offers Americans today. Schaff's new book is Abraham Lincoln's Statesmanship and the Limits of Liberal Democracy. Schaff is a regular contributor to In The Moment's Dakota Political Junkies.

Brown Bag Book Club: Dr. Rick Holm

Aug 12, 2019

In The Moment ... August 12, 2019 Show 635 Hour 2

Dr. Rick Holm is a South Dakota physician whose broadcasting career has brought help to thousands. He's the host of On Call With the Prairie Doc on SDPB-TV.

As part of the Brown Bag Book Club, Dr. Holm visits about his book Life's Final Journey: A Guide for Aging and Dying With Grace. In the book he talks about his journey as a doctor, as a broadcaster, and as a cancer patient. He continues his battle with cancer today and continues to be a voice for science, compassion, self-care and for hope.

Joshua Haiar

In The Moment ... August 8, 2019 Show 633 Hour 2

Tim Bjorkman will tell the story of a good man gone bad when  the History and Heritage Book Club meets Tuesday, August 13, at the Cultural Heritage Center in Pierre.

A family man and locomotive engineer, Verne Sankey was drawn to the lucrative world of bootlegging during Prohibition. Sankey parlayed his bootlegging adventures into bank robbery and eventually a ransom scheme.

Bjorkman is the author of "Verne Sankey: America's First Public Enemy."

Josh Haiar

In The Moment ... August 5, 2019 Show 630 Hour 2

Jim Reese joins SDPB's Lori Walsh for the Brown Bag Book Club. His forthcoming book Bone Chalk is a look at the disparity between urban and rural America and about who we are in the Heartland.

Former U.S. Poet Laureate calls the book "witty and funny ... a kind of operetta in prose."

The Death Boat

Jul 25, 2019
Lori Walsh

In The Moment ... July 25, 2019 Show 623 Hour 1

It was a rivalry that ended in disaster.

On July 28, 1929, on the bustling Lake Okoboji, the heralded speedboat "Miss Thriller" crashed into the slower vessel "Zipper." Nine people were killed.

You can explore the story in a new book called The Death Boat. Author Lloyd Cunningham spent four decades as an Argus Leader photojournalist. He now spends his summers on Okoboji.

Cunningham is in Sioux Falls Saturday for a book signing at Zandbroz Variety.


In The Moment ... July 11, 2019 Show 613 Hour 1

Whitney and Jessie Rencountre stop by the Black Hills Surgical Hospital Studio in Rapid City to discuss things like race and the arts.

Whitney performs two songs while Jessie discusses her book Pet'a Shows Misun the Light

The Question Is Why

Jul 10, 2019
Chynna Lockett

In The Moment ... July 10, 2019 Show 612 Hour 1

The Question is Why is the title of a new book by former South Dakota lawmaker Stan Adelstein of Rapid City. A businessman who dedicated himself to his city and state, Adelstein helped establish Jewish traditions and community in the Rapid City area. As his business grew, Adelstein's participation in Rapid City's social activities grew, as did his evolution as a philanthropist.

Adelstein is joined by historian Eric Zimmer in SDPB's South Dakota Community Foundation Studio in Rapid City.

Chris Laughery

In The Moment ... July 1, 2019 Show 607 Hour 1

It's a story of scientists racing against time to prevent Nazi Germany from developing an atomic bomb. Author Sam Kean's forthcoming book The Bastard Brigade is a nail-biting adventure packed with the characters and clandestine operations you can only find in real life history.

Smart & Solo Travel

Jun 18, 2019

In The Moment ... June 18, 2019 Show 598 Hour 2

Have you ever traveled by yourself?

In his book Smart and Solo: The Blueprint for Efficient & Enjoyable Solo Travel, Randell Carlton Green discusses why solo travel is beneficial to everyone. Green provides insights and tips on how to plan a solitary adventure for those who are ready to experience personal growth through traveling curiosity.

Smart & Solo shares advice on how to maximize transportation and lodging choices and capitalize on mistakes while leaving the smallest footprint.