Blue Dasher Farm

News: July 27 - Aug 2

Aug 2, 2019

After recent hearings on SNAP benefit eligibility requirements, the USDA issued a rule to reform the process; Representative Johnson discusses these changes. Kevin McNew, chief economist with the Farmer's Business Network, talks the impact of the new farm aid package. The CEO of Blue Dasher Farms explains “Regenerative Ag.” The senior advisor for South Dakota's Department of Agriculture discusses the 2019 Agricultural Economic Contribution Study. And, as always, the political junkies discuss this week's political news. 

In The Moment ... July 30, 2019 Show 626 Hour 2

As farmers in South Dakota wait for money from the Trump Administration's farm aid package to ease the sting of closed international markets many farm families are saying, "We've been here before."

Blue Dasher Farms opens the doors for a field day featuring regenerative agriculture practices on August 10 beginning at 2:00 p.m. It's an approach to future farming with an eye toward the past.

Jonathan Lundgren is CEO of Blue Dasher Farms.

Dakota Midday: Fighting To Keep The Hives Alive

Jun 9, 2016

  Dr. Jon Lundgren from the Blue Dasher Farm Initiative joins Dakota Midday to talk about regenerative agriculture as a solution to problems in the bee population. Farmers, rancher and beekeepers will gather on Monday, June 13 at Blue Dasher Farm as part of the national Keep the Hives Alive tour.