Black Hills Symphony Orchestra


In The Moment ... October 23, 2019 Show 685 Hour 2

The Black Hills Symphony Orchestra opens its season with a Symphonic Space Odyssey on Saturday. The concert celebrates the 50th anniversary of the lunar landing and it features the work of composer T.J. Cole, a Curtis Institute graduate who is currently working on her doctorate at Curtis.

Cole joins In The Moment along with Maestro Bruce Knowles.

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The Symphony Hoedown

Sep 6, 2019

In the Moment ... September 6, 2019 Show 653 Hour 1

The Symphony Hoedown is a new event this year hosted by the Back Hills Symphony Orchestra. The event features bluegrass music, square dance lessons and more. Kirsten Hollenbeck, the executive director of the Black Hills Symphony Orchestra, joined us today to expand on this fun, family-friendly event.

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Aaron Siders

“The Legend of the Northern Lights” is a film that combines visual imagery and music to tell the story behind the Northern Lights phenomena. The film is a collaboration between Dr. Jose Francisco Salgado and the Black Hills Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Bruce Knowles.

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Lori Walsh

In The Moment ... March 13, 2018 Show 295 Hour 2

Brigit Blote is the winner of the 2018 Young Artist Competition with the Black Hills Symphony Orchestra. She's a violist and also an avid runner.

In The Moment ... November 29, 2017 Show 229 Hour 1 

Bruce Knowles, conductor of the Black Hills Symphony Orchestra joins us for a preview of the orchestra's Baroque Christmas concert, December 2, 2017.

This Saturday’s Black Hills Symphony Orchestra concert features Rapid City Central High School junior Paige Werner as soloist in a performance of an oboe concerto by Alessandro Marcello. Werner is the senior division winner of this year’s Young Artist Competition, sponsored by the Black Hills Symphony Orchestra and Symphony League. Violinist Ingrid Anderson won the junior division for her performance of Ernest Bloch's "Improvisation No. 2 from Baal Shem."

Pianist Vadym Kholodenko is performing with the Black Hills Symphony Orchestra on Thursday (1/30) at the Performing Arts Center in Rapid City. Kholodenko, a 26-year-old Ukranian, is the 2013 Van Cliburn International Piano Competition Gold Medalist. He captured the attention of jury, audience, and critics alike for "mesmerizing and exhilarating" performances that brought the crowd to their feet. He's performing over 50 engagements in 2013-2014 as part of his debut season as Cliburn Gold Medalist.

Edgar Matuska

South Dakota Pianist Eugene Gienger is closing the Black Hills Symphony Orchestra’s current season with one of the most strenuous piano compositions ever written. More than 50 minutes long, Brahms’ Second Piano Concerto is a powerhouse of emotion, requiring of the pianist years of practice and great physical strength. For today’s Dakota Digest, SDPB’s Victoria Wicks travels to Gienger’s Custer home to hear him play excerpts and to talk with him about his music.