Black Hills Farmers Market

Victoria Wicks

South Dakota farmers have suffered some weird weather this year, with late snows, a cold spring, and lots of rain. The weather has affected not only major crops but also produce from truck farms that supply the state's farmers markets.

The Black Hills market in Rapid City has lots of produce now, but much of it arrived late, and some crops failed completely.

SDPB's Victoria Wicks talks with a couple of producers to find out how they fared.

Black Hills Farmers Market Opens This Weekend

Apr 29, 2019

The Black Hills Farmers Market opens this weekend.

The organization is partnering with several groups to extend EBT and food stamp dollars this year.

It’s the thirtieth anniversary for the Black Hills Farmers Market.

Organizers say 50 local vendors within a 200 mile radius from Rapid City are lined up to sell at the marketplace this year.

Barb Cromwell is the market manager for the Black Hills Farmers Market.

She says farmers markets are a good place to access healthy foods.