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The health of the Black Hills National Forest for the next several decades could be determined by the decisions of the next few years. 

The U.S. Forest Service says it will spend those few years writing a new forest plan, which will require a difficult balancing act with logging.  

While the Forest Service’s own researchers say current harvest levels are unsustainable, timber officials say big reductions could wipe out their industry. 

Mineral Mountain Resources


A state board has awarded a water permit to a company looking for gold in the Black Hills.  

Mineral Mountain Resources has already drilled 49 holes for core samples. Many of those were near Keystone. The company has since moved its search north to the Rochford area.  

The drills need water for lubrication. The company has bought water from the city of Lead, and trucked it in 3,000-gallon tanks.  

Now the company plans to draw as much as 10 gallons per minute from a well near the drill sites.   

West Dakota Water Development

A public board is spending more money to study a potential Missouri River pipeline to the Black Hills area.

The board of the West Dakota Water Development District voted last week to spend up to $79,030 to keep investigating the idea. Most of that money will go toward a water-usage study to determine what entities might participate in the project, how much it might cost and whether it would be financially feasible.


In a historic moment, the Rapid City Council has voted to approve a resolution  that is valued at $20 million dollars that will “Resolve Three Outstanding Deeds Related to the Rapid City Indian Boarding School Lands,” in a 9-to-1 vote Nov. 16th.

Seth Tupper / SDPB

Lawrence County commissioners unanimously rejected a permit Tuesday for a gold mine near the rim of Spearfish Canyon.

Commissioner Brandon Flanagan said there are too many unknowns with the project, and although he supports mining, he could not approve the application.

“Normally, we get conditional-use permits and a lot of the detail is in there, as they’re supposed to be," Flanagan said. "In this one it’s a lot of just, ‘Permit what we’ve already got, and we’ll figure out the rest as we go.’ I’ve got a problem with that on a lot of levels.”

Seth Tupper / SDPB

A divided advisory board on Wednesday rejected Forest Service research calling for less logging in the Black Hills National Forest and instead recommended more logging.

Black Hills National Forest

Forest Service researchers spent the last several years studying the amount of timber in the Black Hills, and they concluded that logging should be reduced.

They said the sustainable annual range is a harvest of 70,000 to 115,000 CCF. One “CCF” is 100 cubic feet, which is a little less than a cord of firewood stacked 8 feet high, 4 feet long and 4 feet wide.

Seth Tupper / SDPB

Soaring gold prices are fueling a rush for the next big discovery in the Black Hills, but gold miners and prospectors are encountering opposition.

One reason for the surging prices is the down economy. Some people see gold as a safe investment, so they scramble to buy it in times of economic uncertainty. That sends the price higher.

In August, the price hit $2,000 an ounce for the first time ever.

That’s motivated some investors to do more than just buy gold. Some are also investing in the search for places to mine it.

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Four years ago, Russell Graham was the lead author on an exhaustive, 200-page report. It was a history of mountain pine beetle damage and control efforts in the Black Hills.

For him, the research was personal. He grew up in Sundance, on the Wyoming side of the Black Hills. He knew the importance of the national forest to the culture and economy of the region. He wanted people to use his research, to make better decisions about the tree-killing bugs.

But how do you get ordinary people to read a research report?

Seth Tupper / SDPB

A citizen panel wants Black Hills National Forest officials to write a new master plan.

The Black Hills National Forest Advisory Board unanimously approved the recommendation Wednesday. Drafting a new forest plan would require several years of research and public engagement.

Board member Greg Josten, who serves as South Dakota's state forester, hopes the Forest Service’s national office will ease the financial burden.

Seth Tupper / SDPB

Scattered around the Black Hills, tucked away in the forests and meadows, there’s a curiosity: privately owned vacation cabins on public land.

One of the oldest is the Durst cabin. A logging family built the cabin in a meadow along Flynn Creek around 1911.

Eight years later, Custer State Park was born. Its boundaries soon wrapped around the vintage cabin, with its dark wood walls, screened-in porch and outhouse. Today, the cabin still stands within the park.

South Dakota Department of Environment & Natural Resources

The owner of the only active, large-scale gold mine in South Dakota has to post millions more in bond money.

The Wharf Mine is near Lead, in the northern Black Hills. Coeur Mining is the Chicago-based company that runs the mine.

South Dakota requires Coeur to post bonds. That's in case the company ever goes bankrupt. If that happens, the state could use the bond money to clean up the mine.

The amount of the bonds is $64 million. But the state Department of Environment and Natural Resources said it's reviewed the amount, and it’s too low.


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Seth Tupper / SDPB

A work group in the Black Hills is doing some math that could influence the long-term health of the Black Hills National Forest and its timber industry. 

The Timber Sustainability Work Group consists of six members from the 32-member Black Hills National Forest Advisory Board. 

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Mount Rushmore National Memorial is considered a shrine to American democracy, a top vacation destination, and, to some, a desecration of a sacred mountain.

Credit Josh Hoffman / Black Hills National Forest

Forecasts show an increased risk of wildfires in western South Dakota in the next few weeks after two of the wettest years in state history.

Darren Clabo is the state’s Fire Meteorologist. He says the past two seasons were very wet with minimal fires.  

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Mineral Mountain Resources

A Black Hills group that advocates for clean water is suing the Forest Service

The Black Hills Clean Water Alliance wants information on exploratory gold drilling. The alliance filed a Freedom of Information Act request two years ago in 2018.  

Black Hills National Forest

The Black Hills timber industry is either logging itself to death, or logging sustainably.  

Both conclusions have been reached by opposing sides reading the same report.  

The report, written by Forest Service researchers, says there aren’t enough ponderosa pine trees in the forest to sustain current logging.  

The Black Hills Area Community Foundation connects people who care to causes that matter. The Foundation seeks to inspire people to invest as a community to improve the quality of life of the people living in the Black Hills area.  That's why, on this #GivingTuesdayNow, the Black Hills Area Community Foundation is behind two Coronavirus Response Funds that will help serve the community during this pandemic. With more information on the response funds, we welcome Liz Hamburg, executive director of the Black Hills Area Community Foundation. Thanks for being available for our program, Liz.

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Seth Tupper/SDPB

New Forest Service research says the Black Hills National Forest could be depleted of trees suitable for logging in the next 30 years. 

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