Bill Walsh

In The Moment ... August 29, 2018 Show 411 Hour 2

Fifty years ago this month, the nation seemed to be unraveling. Americans were dying in Vietnam at a rate of more than one thousand per month. The assassinations of Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. had shaken the political and culture landscape.

And then the Democratic National Convention convened in downtown Chicago. The event quickly devolved into violence and chaos.

Bill Walsh joined In The Moment for a look back at the convention 50 years later.

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In The Moment ... May 31, 2018 Show 348 Hour 2

Consider, for a moment, the year 1968. The Tet offensive. The assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. The assassination of Bobby Kennedy. America was embroiled in divisiveness, even as passionate voices such as Kennedy's called out for change. Consider the lessons of history for today.

June 5th marks the 50th anniversary of Bobby Kennedy's death. Bill Walsh joins us today. He's a longtime friend of the Kennedy family, a former campaign advisor for Edward Kennedy, and the former owner of the Franklin Hotel in Deadwood.