Bill Pay

Arts: July 27 - Aug 2

Aug 3, 2019

Albert & Gage play some music and tell the story of how they got to where they are. Ruby Wilson and Phyllis Cole-Daitalk talk mindfully reading poetry and read works from their new an anthology of mindfulness poems. South Dakota Photography legend Bill Pay discusses his career in the state. And members of the band Back Alley play a jam. 

Josh Haiar

In The Moment ... July 30, 2019 Show 626 Hour 1

Bill Pay got his start in the photography business as an errand boy for a Sioux Falls studio. After college, he opened his own retail store at 30th and Minnesota.

His vast photo collection includes both aerial and ground shots, landmark buildings, undeveloped land and more.

Pay is hosting a virtual tour of Sioux Falls on Wednesday, August 14, at Siouxland Libraries' Caille Branch at 4100 South Carnegie Circle in Sioux Falls.