Bill Groethe

Arts & Lifestyle: Sep 7 -13

Sep 13, 2019

Bill Groethe, Geoff Gunderson, and S.D. Nelson. This week’s In the Moment arts and lifestyle podcast is a good one.

Bill Groethe Enters The SD Hall Of Fame

Sep 10, 2019
SD Hall Of Fame

Bill Groethe will soon take his place in the South Dakota Hall of Fame for his work in historical photography. The award comes from a nonprofit that recognizes a culture of excellence in the state.

 His images include the construction of Mt. Rushmore and notable Native Americans like Nicholas Black Elk. The photographer sometimes didn't get paid to document events and people, but he did make a living with commercial photography and film processing.  

Groethe tells SDPB's Chynna Lockett about the moments that caught his lens.