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A bill that affects transgender athletes could cost South Dakota millions of dollars in economic activity if it’s signed into law, according to an official who recruits major sporting events to the state.

Thomas Lee is the executive director of the Sioux Falls Sports Authority. He previously worked in North Carolina, where lawmakers passed a bill in 2016 dictating which bathrooms transgender people could use


March 1, 2021 Show 998, Hr 1.



A house panel is passing a bill that prevents transgender girls from playing in high school girls’ sports. 

Proponents say it’s meant to preserve the integrity of female sports. Opponents say it targets the transgender community in South Dakota. 

The bill says sports designated as being female are only available to participants who are female based on their biological sex. 


February 22, 2021 Show 993 Hour 1.

For today's "In Their Own Words," the South Dakota state Senate considers Senate Bill 86. It's legislation that revises requirements regarding the review of initiated amendments to the state constitution. The goal is to avoid a post-election court battle like the one currently underway over Amendment A.  

Meat Packer Bill Reintroduced

May 16, 2016
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U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa is sponsoring legislation to ban meat packer ownership of livestock.   The move aims to end what some call a monopoly in the meat industry. Critics say meat packers that also own livestock control too much of the market and hurt smaller family farms and ranches.

Bike Passing Bill Gets Flat Tire

Jan 28, 2016
Charles Michael Ray

A bill that requires bicyclists to stop and get off the road when being passed by a motorist in certain areas failed to clear its first hurdle in the state legislature.

The bill follows legislation from last year that mandates motorists give bicycles at least three feet of distance when passing on slower roads, and six feet on faster highways.   

 This year’s House Bill 1073 requires cyclists to stop and get off the bike if they are being overtaken in a no-passing zone with a narrow shoulder. 

Bill To Create State Debt Collection Office Advances

Mar 10, 2015

South Dakota Lawmakers are considering a new system for the state to collect debts.   

State officials say South Dakota writes off about $500,000 per year in debt.   Currently the state contracts out to a private debt collection agency to track down those who owe the government money.  But, South Dakota’s Chief Finical Officer Jason Dilges tells state Lawmakers that isn’t cost effective.  

Proposal To Up Initiated Measure Signature Requirement Dies

Feb 6, 2015

Legislation to increase the number of signatures needed to put an issue on a statewide ballot died on Friday in Pierre.    

Those in favor of Senate Bill 166 argue that it’s too easy for an issue to end up before voters and the current process slows down government and costs taxpayer dollars.   

But opponents, like Democratic State Senate Leader Billy Sutton argue that the bill limits democracy by making it harder for the people to bring issues forward.    

Sutton says South Dakota was the first state to institute the initiated measure and referendum process.

Government Shutdown Ends

Oct 17, 2013

Federal workers returned to their jobs this morning and parks and monuments reopened after President Obama signed into law a bipartisan deal approved by Congress to reopen the government and raise the debt ceiling. Lawmakers voted just hours before the October 17 deadline set by the Treasury Department for raising the borrowing limit. The House voted 285-144 in favor of the bill. That followed an 81-18 Senate vote on the same measure.