Big Sioux River

Nate Wek

 The Big Sioux River has reached record-breaking levels, and officials are stressing the need to stay away from water-covered roads.

Minnehaha County Emergency Management Director Jason Gearman says there’ve been a couple water rescues in Dell Rapids and other areas north of Sioux Falls.

Chris Laughery

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Topics ranging from the implications of marijuana legalization and the opioid crisis on the Northern Plains to water quality and the Big Sioux River highlighted last week's International Legislators Forum in Sioux Falls.

South Dakota House Speaker Steve Haugaard and State Senator Reynold Nesiba were among the delegates. They stopped by the Kirby Family Studio in downtown Sioux Falls to share details of the two-day forum.

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The Big Sioux is a river impaired. South Dakota Magazine featured an article by Jerry Wilson in its March/April issue called "Troubled Waters." It looks at what's happening to the Big Sioux along with its potential for the future.

Author and environmental writer Jerry Wilson joins us on the phone. We're also joined by Peter Carrels. Peter is a board member for Friends of the Big Sioux River. He's a long-time river activist and editor of the Friends of the Big Sioux River newsletter.

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Where should we put the state's only law school? Declining applicants, smaller classes, and concerns about life after law school are just a few reasons the University of South Dakota is taking the relocation of the Law School into consideration. While the proposed move would land the school just an hour north of Vermillion in Sioux Falls, the question resulted in a five-hour task force panel that ended in plans for the next meeting. SDPB's Jackie Hendry covered the proceedings, and she's here with highlights.

Erin Mairose

The city of Sioux Falls is continuing to build and expand recreational areas and parks along the Big Sioux River. However, officials from the South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources say there are high levels of bacteria and nitrates in the water. They suggest only limited contact with the water and no swimming.

Jay Gilbertson talks on Dakota Midday about the polluted river. Gilbertson is with the East Dakota Water Development District. He shares his thoughts on what's happening in the river and ways it might improve.

Pollution And Recreation On The Big Sioux

Jul 11, 2016
Water testing
Erin Mairose

Water testing on the Big Sioux River shows high levels of bacteria and pollution in some areas. The South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources recommends only having limited contact with the water, meaning they don’t suggest swimming in it.

But the city of Sioux Falls continues to build parks and recreation areas along the river, in the effort to foster economic development.

The Mayor of Sioux Falls is hosting his 3rd annual Big Sioux River Water Summit Thursday. Conservationists, city officials, and agriculture specialists are discussing projects to improve the water quality near the Big Sioux River.

Jesse Neyens is an environmental analyst and water quality specialist with the city of Sioux Falls. He says this year the Mayor decided to host the summit in Brookings hoping to engage more people in the discussion of water quality.

Friends Of The Big Sioux River

May 18, 2015

The newly formed non-profit, Friends of the Big Sioux River, held a press conference last Thursday to announce its vision to realize "a clean, healthy river for all to enjoy and share with pride."  In 2012, the Big Sioux was identified as the 13th dirtiest river in the nation.  Friends of the Big Sioux River was formed to bring awareness to the current condition of the waterway and to inspire action among all who influence its quality.  Matthew McLarty of the Environmental Law & Policy Center of South Dakota, Greg Veerman of Astronaut Studios and Friends of the Big Sioux River director

Project AWARE Tackles Big Sioux River

Jul 8, 2014
Project AWARE

This Saturday over 35o volunteers begin a week-long project pulling trash out of the Big Sioux River from Sioux Falls to north of Sioux City. They'll load tires, car parts, old scrap metal, chairs, household appliances and other discarded items into canoes as they paddle down the river.

Big Sioux River Cleanup

Feb 4, 2014

Project AWARE (A Watershed Awareness River Expedition) is the Iowa Department of Natural Resources' annual week-long river cleanup.  Each year AWARE volunteers collect tons of trash (72% of which has been recycled) from miles of rivers.  This year South Dakota will benefit as they have selected the Big Sioux River from Gitchie Manitou to North Sioux City as its targeted cleanup from July 12-19.  Project AWARE coordinator Lynette Seigley presents an informational meeting Thursday at 7:00 p.m.