Belle Fourche


In The Moment ... June 13, 2018 Show 357 Hour 1

This week marks the 69th SD High School Rodeo final in South Dakota, where young cowboys and cowgirls from throughout the state will take the final step to representing South Dakota in the national championships held next month in Wyoming.

Heather Benson stops by to talk about the path these kids take to get there and what to expect during the weekend in Belle Fourche.

Tri State Museum

In The Moment ... January 31, 2018 Show 267 Hour 2

The next event in the Spring Turtle Soup Lecture series is "The History of Saloons." You can head over for the noon presentation this Friday, February 2nd at the Journey Museum Learning Center in Rapid City.

Kristi Thielen is the director of the Tri-State Museum and Visitor Center in Belle Fourche. She's also a writer and playwright.

Tri State Museum, Belle Fourche

In The Moment ... September 25, 2017 Show 184 Hour 2

Log cabins have a certain romantic appeal, even in 2017. For today's Images of the Past feature, we take a look inside the Johnny Spaulding Cabin in Belle Fourche. It’s a cabin with a real-life romance story in its history. Joining us is Kristi Thielen. She's director of the Tri-State Museum in Belle Fourche.

In The Moment ... June 14, 2017 Show 114 Hour 1

Skyforce basketball is a staple in the Sioux Falls professional sports scene. Recently the NBA's Miami Heat purchased controlling interest of the team. In The Moment producer Chris Laughery talks with president of the Sioux Falls Skyforce Mike Heineman about the future of the team in South Dakota.

In The Moment ... June 5, 2017 Show 107 Hour 1

The Center for American Indian Research and Native Studies is a nonprofit education and research center located at Wingsprings, near Mission, South Dakota. Craig Howe runs the organization, otherwise knows as CAIRNS. He joins us today to talk about the exhibition "Tapu Sa Win," currently showing at the Journey Museum in Rapid City.

South Dakota State Historical Society

SDPB's Brian Gevik and "Science Steve" Rokusek join Dakota Midday for this week's Images of the Past feature that includes more than the Belle Fourche Sugar Plant. This fun segment also veers into some of Science Steve's experiments and talk about haunted places in South Dakota!

Wayne Pananen joins Dakota Midday for a glimpse into the storied history of Belle Fourche. From the wrangled origins of rail service to the first successful tourism event in South Dakota, Belle Fourche has more than one story to offer.

Arthur Haas was one of two ranchers who found a fossil but didn’t learn until many years later that it was a unique genus of aquatic reptile.  The Haas family had the honor of naming it.  It’s now on display now at the Adams Museum and it’s SDPB’s Images of the Past feature this week.

Darrel Nelson, Deadwood History Inc., Exhibits Director, and Bill Haas, the grandson of a man who found a plesiosaur fossil near Belle Fourche in 1934, join Dakota Midday to talk aboutt the discovery, the artifact, and the naming of Pahasapasaurus haasi.

"Roots Grow Deep And Strong"

Jan 31, 2014

The Belle Fourche Writers' Group has published its first anthology, "Roots Grow Deep and Strong." Conceived as a community education writing class, the Belle Fourche Writers' Group has grown into a community treasure. They host events such as public readings, writers' retreats and "Meet the Author Nights." Meg English helped found the Belle Fourche Writers' Group after retiring from teaching. She was born and raised in South Dakota and has taught language arts and writing in middle school, high school and college.

Have you ever noticed when you go in to a typical Humane Society that there are no birds…only dogs and cats? So where do all the abandoned, neglected, and homeless birds go?  The Black Hills Parrot Welfare and Education Center in Belle Fourche is a shelter that houses abused, terminally ill, and orphan exotic birds.

New Highway Patrol Squad

Apr 4, 2013

South Dakota Highway Patrol District 3 Captain Kevin Karley talks about the brand new Highway Patrol squad stationed in Belle Fourche that will be dealing with issues related to extra traffic and problems stemming from the Bakken oil range in western South Dakota.