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A Nebraska commission is not renewing liquor licenses for stores along the South Dakota border near Pine Ridge. The town of Whiteclay has fewer than one dozen residents. Four businesses there sell millions of cans of beer each year. The liquor licenses expire at the end of the month, but the beer stores may stay open.

Native Americans from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota drink beer in Whiteclay, Nebraska. Witnesses say people who get drunk there urinate in public, assault others, and pass out on the streets.

Nebraska board members are weighing whether they should renew beer store liquor licenses in Whiteclay. The tiny unincorporated town is across the state line from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. People - often Native Americans - buy millions of cans of beer there each year. Thursday the panel heard testimony.

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Last summer, according to the American Brewers Association, the number breweries in the U.S. topped 3,000 for probably the first time since the 1870s. The majority of them are small, local craft breweries and numbers are expected to increase as the resurgence in American brewing continues to grow. South Dakota has at least fourteen microbreweries and brew pubs.

Karl Gehrke SDPB

This is probably the best time in American history to be a beer drinker. Over the past twenty-five years, some 2,000 craft breweries have opened up across the country with hundreds more currently in their planning stages. And they’re all making beers for a variety of tastes. There are Baltic porters and oatmeal stouts; dark ales and pale ales; English Barleywines and German Pilsners. There are sweet, malty beers and bitter, hoppy beers. There are beers brewed with fruit and beers brewed with spices. And beers for the winter and beers for the summer.

Summer Beers

May 28, 2014

With the warmer temperatures, craft beer fans are turning to lighter beers for the summer.  Cory Vilhauer, writer of the Sioux Falls Argus Leader's "Beer We've Been Drinking" blog, says he craves a little more than the average post-lawn mowing, post-biking beer.  He discussed some of his favorite lighter, summer-friendly beers, including Kolsch and helles beers and cream ales.

Whiteclay Heats Up As Tribe Reconsiders Prohibition

Jun 7, 2013

Activists and liquor store owners are clashing in the town of Whiteclay, Nebraska on the boarder of the Pine Ridge Reservation.   Beer delivery trucks are being stopped and vandalized as men wielding baseball bats are accused of threatening protesters.

Alcohol is banned on Pine Ridge.   But the town of Whiteclay sells the equivalent of up to 5-million cans of beer annually–mostly to impoverished tribal residents.   As the conflict escalates the tribal nation is grappling with the idea of lifting its prohibition of alcohol.