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SDPB News: July 31

Jul 31, 2020

Why is the state medical association drafting the opposition towards legalizing both recreational and medical marijuana? Plus, how will the state's largest school district plan on safely getting kids back in the classrooms?

Chynna Lockett

In The Moment ... April 5, 2017 Show 065 Hour 2

Dakota Political Junkies Dana Ferguson and Denise Ross join us to talk about recreational marijuana and its potential as a ballot measure, which lawmakers might deserve a “furniture” rating in Pierre, and other top South Dakota political headlines of the week.

The State House of Representatives is sending the Senate a bill that places a 100-thousand dollar cap on out of state money for ballot question committees.
The House voted 50 to 18 in favor of the bill.
Most of the concern about H-B 1074 is whether it restricts free speech.
The bill’s sponsor State Representative Spencer Gosch says the measure protects South Dakota voters’ speech…

Amendment T Changes How Legislative Maps Are Drawn

Aug 12, 2016

Amendment T is a ballot measure that strips the authority of the legislature to establish voting districts every ten years. It establishes a redistricting commission in place of the legislature.

Proponents say it improves the way legislative maps are drawn. Opponents say the system already works well.

According to the state constitution, the South Dakota legislature must redraw legislative districts every ten years. Amendment T moves that authority from state lawmakers to a 9-member independent commission.

RL20 Puts Youth Minimum Wage To A Vote

Jul 26, 2016

South Dakota voters get the chance to vote on a minimum wage again in November. What is known as Referred Law Twenty seeks to reiterate whether or not the minimum wage established by voters two years ago is the ultimate will of the people.
In the 2015 session, legislators changed the law passed by voters in 2014.  Lawmakers approved a lower minimum wage for workers under the age of seventeen.