Training Complex Expansion

Apr 1, 2014

The Department of Defense wants to increase the airspace it uses to train its B1 bombers and other aircraft.  The proposed expansion quadruples the training airspace the military currently uses, covering a huge swath over parts of Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota and South Dakota.  Air Force officials say expanding the training airspace for military aircraft makes practice missions more like the real world.  But farmers like Anita Lee in Meade County are urging the federal government not to approve the expansion project.  Pilot and South Dakota aviation historian Norma Kramer also expressed h

Sequestration Grounds B-1 Training Flights

Apr 12, 2013

B-1 Bombers won’t be taking to the skies on training missions over the summer.

The bombers stationed at Ellsworth Air Force Base are grounded  due to sequestration cuts.  

As tensions escalate in North Korea, base officials say the grounding reduces their ability to respond quickly to a call of action.

SDPB’s Charles Michael Ray has this story.

Ellsworth B1's Told To Stand Down

Apr 11, 2013

B-1 bombers won’t be as common over the skies of Western South Dakota this summer.
All bombers at Ellsworth Air Force base are ordered to stand down until October.   Federal budget cuts mean 45-thousand fewer training hours for the nations fleet of military aircraft.   This means B-1 training missions won’t take place until the end of the fiscal year.
Officials at the base say the B-1's currently deployed in combat overseas will remain in the air until they return home later this summer.