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Avera eCARE is receiving more than $800,000 dollars in federal funding to enhance emergency telehealth services. The additional equipment will give rural hospitals much-needed support in caring for COVID-19 patients.

Dr. Brian Skow oversees emergency virtual care for more than 100 sites as the Medical Director for Avera eCARE. He says the federal money will support additional equipment in up to 60 hospitals throughout South Dakota and the Midwest.

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Avera eCare is receiving more than 4 million dollars to develop a national telehealth certificate program. The grant from the Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust will help standardize the quality of virtual healthcare. 

The $4.3 million grant expands on a previous one-year planning grant to Avera eCare that focused on tele-psychiatry —or, providing behavioral health services remotely through video calls.


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Big news come from Avera Health this morning as they have received a 7.8 million dollar grant from the Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust to build a 24 hour telemedicine behavioral health team as part of Avera eCare.

The team will provide care out of Avera eCare's virtual hub, both in and out of the hospital.

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A recent study shows 65% of the country’s non-metropolitan counties do not have a psychiatrist, and nearly half don’t have a psychologist. As mental health needs continue to rise, telemedicine may offer a solution for rural areas lacking access to those services. On Wednesday, the Helmsley Charitable Trust announced a grant to establish a first-of-its-kind behavioral health service through Avera’s eCARE center in Sioux Falls. 

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Deanna Larson is CEO of Avera eCare. She joins us for a conversation about innovations in rural healthcare and why relationships are key in telemedicine.

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National health experts are looking to South Dakota strategies as they discuss rural health care. The US Department of Health and Human Services showcased Avera’s telemedicine efforts with viewers around the country. It was part of an effort about National Rural Health Day.

Avera’s eCare services use high-quality video and audio to connect Sioux Falls physicians with small town hospital staff. This allows doctors and nurses to collaborate on treating rural patients in real time.

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First-year medical students are tapping into new technologies that support health providers in rural areas. Avera’s eCare facility provides live video access to specialists and emergency physicians to support providers in different circumstances. Some students say it makes them more confident in pursuing work in rural medicine. 

Medical students in short white coats surround a mannequin. Three volunteers in blue paper gowns take direction from a physician on a TV screen who walks them through life-saving techniques.