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SDPB News Podcast: Feb 19

Feb 19, 2021

Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg will face three misdemeanor charges for his role in the fatal car versus pedestrian crash that took place last summer. 

All this and more in today’s SDPB News Podcast.

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South Dakota attorney Mark Meierhenry passed away July 29 at the age of 75. Born and raised in Gregory, attended the University of South Dakota and served as South Dakota’s Attorney General in the late 70’s up until the mid-80’s. SDPB’s Chris Laughery had this conversation with Chief Judge Roberto Lange about his colleague and friend, Mark Meierhenry.

Missing Persons Clearing House

Jul 22, 2020

In The Moment … July 22, 2020 Show 864 Hour 1

News: Jan 11 - 17

Jan 17, 2020

In this week's South Dakota news, Governor Kristi Noem delivered the State of the State. She highlighted expansion of high-speed internet services during the address Tuesday afternoon. She also outlined additional steps she wants to take this year to make South Dakota even more attractive to businesses.

Chris Laughery

In The Moment ... January 16, 2020 Show 735 Hour 2

Jason Ravnsborg is South Dakota's Attorney General. Ravnsborg holds the power of attorney in representing South Dakota in all legal matters. He joined Lori to talk about what he believes should be top of mind for our legislators in 2020.

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Oglala Lakota Tribal Council Votes To Impeach VP

Nov 26, 2019

  The Oglala Lakota Tribal Council voted 16 to two to impeach Vice President Darla Black Monday. She was removed for malfeasance after accusations including bullying and harassment. Sonia Little Hawk-Weston is a representative for the tribe. She speaks during the meeting. 


Cheyenne River Sioux Tribal officials say they need emergency funding to fix damaged roads-and quickly. Spring flooding washed out roads in some rural areas and forced culverts out from under ground in others. 

Officials link two recent deaths on the reservation to dangerous driving conditions and say other Great Plains Tribes have the same problem.

It’s tough to drive BIA route 3 on the Cheyenne River Reservation. There are missing chunks of pavement -  potholes in some areas and washed out gravel roads.

In The Moment ... April 4, 2019 Show 549 Hour 1

Arrests for serious crimes in South Dakota are down, but drug offense arrests are on the rise.

The South Dakota Attorney General's office has released the Crime in South Dakota 2018 report compiled by the office's Criminal Statistical Analysis Center. The report reflects the actual arrest and reporting information by South Dakota law enforcement.

Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg joins In The Moment to go over the report.


In The Moment ... March 27, 2019 Show 544 Hour 1

Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg was elected in November, sworn in January 5th, and began his duties immediately. Stephanie Rissler spoke with Ravnsborg about his perspective on legislative issues. She began the conversation by asking if anything has surprised him about his new job.

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In The Moment ... November 1, 2018 Show 452 Hour 2

Governor Dennis Daugaard and Attorney General Marty Jackley announced yesterday that the State of South Dakota has entered into a settlement agreement and stipulation of dismissal in State of South Dakota v. Wayfair, Overstock and Newegg.

The settlement removes the injunction that prevented South Dakota from requiring the defendants to comply with the remote seller law.

South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley explains the settlement and how and when collections from remote sellers will commence.

Adria Botella

In The Moment ... October 5. 2018 Show 437 Hour 1

SDPB introduces you to the candidates of the 2018 election. And for the South Dakota Attorney General's race, SDPB has you covered. Tune in to SDPB-TV at 8 p.m. CT / 7 MT for the Attorney General Candidate Forum, hosted by Stephanie Rissler.

Then hear the rebroadcast on SDPB Radio, Friday, October 12 at 11 a.m. CT / 10 a.m. MT on In the Moment.

Today we welcomed Democratic candidate Randy Seiler to the Sioux Falls Studios.


In The Moment ... September 10, 2018 Show 418 Hour 2

South Dakota Public Broadcasting introduces you to the candidates of the 2018 election.

We have invited each candidate to join us for live interviews on In The Moment between now and November.

Today we welcome Jason Ravnsborg. He is the Republican candidate for Attorney General in South Dakota.

Adria Botella

In The Moment ... August 6, 2018 Show 394 Hour 1

What is the difference between Smart Justice and Criminal Justice?

How can South Dakota expand the use of alternatives to incarceration?

How does the South Dakota Attorney General set the tone for effective diversion programs?

Heather Smith, Executive Director of ACLU of South Dakota, and Libby Skarin, Policy Director of ACLU, joined In The Moment to discuss possible improvements to South Dakota's criminal justice system

Lee Strubinger / SDPB

South Dakota Republican delegates are choosing Jason Ravnsborg as their candidate for attorney general in the general election.

The deputy states attorney for Union County beat out State Senator Lance Russell and Lawrence County state’s attorney John Fitzgerald for the nomination.

Moments after being nominated, Jason Ravnsborg says he’s on top of the world. The three-way race for attorney general heated up in the days heading into the GOP convention in Pierre.

Ravnsborg received endorsements from many sheriffs around the state.

State Dems Pick Seiler As Attorney General Candidate

Jun 15, 2018
Lee Strubinger / SDPB

South Dakota Democrats are picking former US Attorney Randy Seiler to run for attorney general.

Seiler says he wants to change the culture of the Attorney General’s office.

“The Attorney General needs to do and be a leader,” Seiler says. “To basically set a culture not just of prosecution, but of outreach and recovery, of treatment and to explore with the professionals in South Dakota what opportunities there are for recovery, other than just incarceration.”

AG Candidate Must Drop At Least One Campaign Next Week

Jun 14, 2018
Russell For AG

A Republican candidate for Attorney General will have to make a tough decision next week.

Last week, State Senator Lance Russell clinched a re-election bid for his state senate seat, but he’s also running for Attorney General.

No matter what, next week he must resign one of those bids for office.

In The Moment ... June 14, 2018 Show 358 Hour 1

As South Dakota Democrats get ready to gather for their statewide convention, delegates weigh their choices for Constitutional officers. For a look at the process, we welcome one of the Democratic candidates for Attorney General, Randy Seiler.

Dakota Poltical Junkies Talk Dem Convention And AG

Jun 13, 2018

In The Moment ... June 13, 2018 Show 357 Hour 2

Dakota Political Junkies Jonathan Ellis and Denise Ross discuss the upcoming state convention for Democrats, the race for Attorney General, Senator John Thune and the 2018 Farm Bill.

The Junkies convene every Wednesday at 12:06 p.m Central/11:06 a.m. Mountain on In The Moment.

South Dakota ACLU Discusses Election Season

Jun 7, 2018
South Dakota ACLU

In The Moment ... June 7, 2018 Show 353 Hour 1

It's a busy political year in South Dakota as we look ahead to a new governor, a new U.S. Representative and a new Attorney General.

South Dakota American Civil Liberties Union leadership discusses their work during this election cycle.

Heather Smith, executive director of ACLU South Dakota joins In The Moment along with policy director Libby Skarin.

In the Moment ... April 17, 2018 Show 317 Hour 2

South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley went before the United States Supreme Court to argue in favor of online sales tax collection and remittance. The case is titled South Dakota versus Wayfair, Inc.

SDPB's Gary Ellenbolt spoke with Jackley Tuesday morning.

In The Moment ... February 16, 2017 Show 032 Hour 1

Lulu Garcia-Navarro is the new host of NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday. She talks with Lori Walsh about taking the helm of a legacy program on NPR, how an intimate conversation creates a driveway moment, and how the role of American journalists hasn’t changed as much as some people think.  

In The Moment...January 11 2017 Show 008 Hour 1

Guests: Marty Jackley, South Dakota Attorney General; Larry Zimmerman, South Dakota Secretary of Veterans Affairs; Nancy York, new SD lawmaker representing District 5

South Dakota Is Party To Multiple Lawsuits Against The EPA

Dec 17, 2015
Kealey Bultena / SDPB

South Dakota is now suing the EPA over implementation of the Clean Water Act.    

South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley says  federal officials are overstepping their authority in regulating how South Dakota uses its water.

This is one in a number of multi state lawsuits the state has currently signed on against the EPA.

Former SoS Employee Accused Of Taking Antique State Flag

Oct 28, 2015
SD Attorney General's Office

The original state flag of South Dakota has been recovered after it went missing earlier this year.   

The flag is one of the first two South Dakota state flags ever made, it hung in the Secretary of State’s office.   
The flag was reported missing by the Secretary of State’s office in January of 2015 and the investigation was later turned over to the Attorney General’s office.

Jackley Joins Suit Against EPA Over CO2

Oct 26, 2015
Charles Michael Ray

South Dakota has signed on to a multiple state lawsuit against the EPA over attempts to limit CO2 emissions.

South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley says the EPA’s move hurts the state’s economy by increasing energy prices and reducing jobs.

But many scientists worry that industrialized nations need to go even further to reduce greenhouse gasses, they cite a disjunct between well-established research and policy.

Scammers Threaten IRS Lawsuit In Automated Calls

Jun 1, 2015

The South Dakota Attorney General is warning some South Dakotans are receiving automated calls that claim they are being sued by the IRS.

The calls are a scam and an attempt to get more information.   You can hear an example of a call from a scammer in the story below.

The  hotline to call if you have questions about a possible scam or if you've been a victim of a scammer in South Dakota is 1-800-300-1986.

Kealey Bultena / SDPB

A South Dakota death row inmate’s conviction and sentence stand. A ruling from the United States Supreme Court Monday denies Rodney Berget’s request to overturn the state court’s decision. This puts an end to any direct appeals to his murder conviction and capital sentence.

Correctional Officer Ron Johnson died a violent death in May of 2011 when two inmates at the South Dakota State Penitentiary tried to escape from prison. Eric Robert and Rodney Berget were caught, tried, and convicted in the killing.

Five men face felony charges for trying to have sex with children following the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. The number is down from the nine arrested during last year’s rally in the Black Hills.

The men arrested for sex crimes at Sturgis this year are from all over: Nebraska, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and California. One even lives in Canada.

South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley says officers with the Internet Crimes Against Children Unit set up fake ads online offering sex with kids in exchange for money.

South Dakota lawmakers are reviewing what happened after an investigation revealed hundreds of thousands of state dollars went missing. Lawmakers spent 45 minutes with Attorney General Marty Jackley behind closed doors consulting about a possible legal situation. Otherwise Jackley and economic development leaders talked with legislators in an open meeting about the state and federal investigations.  


For the second time, a convicted killer’s death sentence is in front of South Dakota’s Supreme Court. Rodney Berget won an element of his first appeal to the high court, but his attorney returns with arguments that the process and procedures of his sentencing aren’t fair.