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SD Department of Corrections

A South Dakota inmate who dismembered his victim after killing her is asking for a new trial.

Stephen Falkenberg was found guilty in Yankton County of second-degree murder.

He says the prosecutor at trial focused on the dismemberment even though it occurred in a different state after the victim was dead.

Victoria Wicks has more on this appeal for SDPB.

SD Department of Corrections

The South Dakota Supreme Court has upheld the rape conviction of Cole Taylor.

The prison inmate argued in April that the judge at his trial should not have allowed the jury to hear testimony from Taylor's prior sexual assault victims.

But the high court says prior bad acts evidence is admissible if it's relevant and not unduly prejudicial.

Victoria Wicks has more of this story for SDPB.

SD Department of Corrections

Cole Patrick Taylor was convicted of rape by a Lawrence County jury one year ago this month. Now he appeals his conviction to the South Dakota Supreme Court, who heard oral arguments on Wednesday, April 22.

Taylor says the trial judge should not have allowed testimony from other women who told the jury Taylor had raped them also.

SDPB's Victoria Wicks has this report.