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Art Organizations Struggling During Pandemic

18 hours ago
Black Hills Playhouse

Many art organizations and nonprofits depend on public events and performances to pay the bills. Anything that draws a crowd can’t happen right now. So arts organizers and artists  are searching for  loans and grants to keep their work afloat.

Art organizations spend months, sometimes years planning their seasons. Jennifer Teisinger is the Executive Director of the South Dakota Symphony Orchestra. She remembers when this year’s  plans dissolved. 

“Thursday March 12th is when we really started to see things change.” 

Students Make Art Real Through Poetry Out Loud

Mar 15, 2018
Jackie Hendry

Shakespeare isn’t boring to Kassondra Gooley. The West Central High School senior talks about poetry the way some students might talk about movies or music.

“I like that it’s feelings put into words, and that you can dive only as deep as you’re willing to go, and so it’s kind of like an endless view of the world and gives you so many perspectives.”

Gooley enjoys studying and analyzing poetry, but that’s not all. She’s one of the state finalists in a national competition that pushes students to engage with poetry a little differently than they might in most classrooms.

Art Alley Moves To Permit System

Mar 23, 2016

Rapid City’s Art Alley is known as a place of free form expression.  Graffiti artists are allowed to paint on the walls of the alley between 6th and 7th streets in the middle of downtown.

But some building owners in the alley have complained and some even called for the alley to be closed to altogether.  In a compromise a new permit system is being set up for artists who want to show off their work in the alley.


"Sign Painters"

Apr 30, 2014

On Sunday, May 4, Tim Peterson, master painter with Flat Earth Art Company, will lead a group of local graffiti artists to create an advertisement mural in Art Alley to promote the screening of the film Sign Painters. This project brings together new and old typographical styles. Tim Peterson will also be a featured presenter at "Blackbook Sessions" on Tuesday, May 6 at the Dahl's Bruce H. Lien Cultural Cafe. Master sign painter Tim Peterson has left his indelible mark on the visual character of the Black Hills. Evidence of Mr.

Northern Voyage Film Festival

May 7, 2013

Paul and Jay Fishback, co-founders of the Northern Voyage Film Festival, joins the program to discuss the festival. The festival brings together local, regional and national filmmakers and film lovers. The Northern Voyage Film Festival highlights the opportunities to filmmakers in Brookings and South Dakota. The May 10-11 event at the Brookings Arts Council features screenings of local short films, a local award-winning feature film, and a four-time Academy Award nominated film.