Art Galleries

Artist Jennifer White is planning a new gallery in Sioux Falls for established and emerging  artists. White talks about how art is the "most rebellious form of communication" and the importance of rethinking our expectations and experiences of Native art.

Dakota Midday: Bad Art Press

Mar 5, 2015

South Dakota is well known for its Native Art. The success of businesses like Prairie Edge in downtown Rapid City is a good example. But what is the boundary between something that’s considered Native Art and something that is just art?

Former Dean Of USD Passes Away

Oct 1, 2013

South Dakota artist and former USD Dean John A. Day has died at the age of 74. John A. Day is the former Chair of the Department of Art and former Dean of the College of Fine Arts. Day joined the University of South Dakota in 1976 as Chair of the Department of Art and a year later founded the University Art Galleries. The main exhibition gallery of the University Art Galleries in the Warren M. Lee Center for Fine Arts is named in his honor. Day's many accomplishments included protecting and enhancing the legacy of South Dakota artist Oscar Howe.