What Elon Musk And Bill Gates Said

Jun 3, 2016

Tech Radio host Kent Osborne and "The Computer Guys," Jeff Litterick, John T. Meyer and Joel Broveleit, discussed Elon Musk's comments at Recode's annual Code Conference where he said we are almost certainly living in a more advanced civilization's video game.  At the same conference Bill Gates balanced his fears of artificial intelligence calling it the "holy grail." 

The panel also visited about a new study that says nearly one in four people abandon mobile apps after only one use.

Apple iOs 9

Sep 18, 2015

The day after Apple released iOs 9, ad blockers topped the app charts taking advantage of the new functionality. Users were thrilled with the ability to get rid of the annoyance while addressing privacy concerns and faster surfing. Meanwhile, advertisers are up in arms.

Kent Osborne and "The Computer Guys" discussed iOs 9 along with other Apple news and big announcements from Amazon among other topics on Tech Radio.

The South Dakota Engineering Accelerator has received a $100,000 innovation grant to create and pilot a new program.  The Accelerator, based at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, is part of the Enterprise Institute.  The goal is to identify early-stage engineering projects and then commercialize the technologies into viable businesses.  Tom Eitreim, manager of the Accelerator program, detailed the program on Innovation Friday.  Host Cara Hetland was also joined by several Accelerator participants as they described their concepts.

Marco Werman

PRI's The World has launched an ambitious two-week multimedia initiative taking to the internet, the airwaves and social media with a groundbreaking look at a new generation of women fighting for civil rights around the globe.  Julia Barton, senior editor in charge of planning for "Across Women's Lives," joined guest host Cara Hetland to discuss The World's special coverage of gender equality and the role of women in society.  PRI's The World can be heard weekdays at 3:00 p.m. Central on SDPB Radio.

Reaction To Prime Day & Severe Weather Apps

Jul 17, 2015

Tech Radio guest host Kealey Bultena and "The Computer Guys" discussed Amazon's Prime Day, a day-long sales event held Wednesday for Amazon Prime users.  The panel talked about post-Prime Day data and the response on social media.  They also discussed how mobile devices can keep you safe during severe weather and how you can learn more about your surroundings with specialized apps and add-ons.  Other topics on today's program included scam phone calls and Windows operating systems.

Update On Target Hacking And Hard Drives

Feb 14, 2014

The Computer Guys - Kent Osborne, Joel Broveleit and Jeff Litterick - discuss the latest news in tech. Topics included Valentine's Day apps, the story behind the Target hack, and highlights from the General Managers Digital meeting that was hosted by PBS this week.

Macintosh 30 Years Later And Research On Facebook

Jan 24, 2014

The Computer Guys - Jeff Litterick, Amos Aesoph, Joel Broveleit and John T. Meyer - along with guest host Kealey Bultena, discuss the latest news in technology. Topics included the 30 year anniversary of the Macintosh computer, a new app called Jelly and researchers saying that Facebook could be dead by the year 2017.

Steve Jobs Movie And A New App

Aug 16, 2013

This week, the Computer Guys - Kent Osborne, Joel Broveleit, John T. Meyer and Amos Aesoph tackle the latest tech news, including the new Steve Jobs movie starring Ashton Kutcher, technology issues concerning the leaks by Edward Snowden and a new app called "Full."

XBOX 720, Blackberry 10, And Dell News

Feb 8, 2013

The Computer Guys - Kent Osborne, Joel Brovelite, John T. Meyer, Amos Aesophe, and Jeff Litterick - discuss the latest tech news. Topics include new plans for XBox 720, Adobe Flash updates, the announcing of Blackberry 10, and what OTA stands for and why you should mark March 15th on your calendar.

This week, Kent Osborne, Joel Brovelite and John T Meyer discuss the latest tech news, including the 1 year anniversary of the death of Steve Jobs and how Jobs has impacted technology and how his legacy is continuing at Apple. Also, the Computer Guys talk about the upcoming Innovation Expo, Google's net worth and Facebook's new business model.