Andrew Kightlinger

Adria Botella

In The Moment ... March 6, 2019 Show 529 Hour 2

Filmmaker Andrew Kightlinger has called his picture Tator Tot & Patton a "love letter to the state and a homegrown piece of art."

Kightlinger is touring the state for Q&A sessions at select screenings of Tator Tot & Patton, the Black Hills Film Festival's 2018 Best Feature Film Award winner.

Schedule and ticket information for Washington Pavilion Cinedome screenings.

In The Moment ... June 22, 2018 Show 364 Hour 1

South Dakota filmmaker Andrew Kightlinger brought the film Tater Tot and Patton to the screen in 2017. It's a story of love and loss, brokenness and redemption. The film has done well on the film circuit, taking 1st Place at the Vail Film Festival for Best Screenplay and Best Narrative Feature at the Beloit International Film Festival.

The film is set in central South Dakota.

In The Moment ... February 21, 2017 Show 034 Hour 2