Alienation of Affection

A Frederick man who sued his wife's lover for alienation of affection has asked the South Dakota Supreme Court to help him put a price on heartache. The high court heard the case on Tuesday, Oct. 2.

The appeal comes from a 2017 decision in the Fifth Circuit. There the trial judge said the humiliated husband had not given any testimony to support his request for financial compensation.

In his response to the appeal, the "other man" asked the Supreme Court to abolish South Dakota's alienation of affection law as a matter of public policy.

Spouse Stealing Law Stays On Books

Jan 29, 2013

By Victoria Wicks

A bill to repeal South Dakota’s alienation of affection law was killed in the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday.

Senator Stan Adelstein has tried in the past to overturn the law that allows a spouse to sue an interloper in the marriage—someone who seduces one spouse away from the other.

This year, Adelstein referred to the Rapid City alienation of affection case that made headlines across the nation. Douglas Rumpca sued then-Pennington County State’s Attorney Glenn Brenner, who dated Rumpca’s wife and, after she divorced Rumpca, married her.