Alecia Fuller

SD Department of Corrections

The South Dakota Supreme Court has upheld the conviction of Roger Jackson for third-degree rape.

Jackson was convicted in 2018 for having sex with a dementia patient housed in a care facility in Rapid City.

Jackson contends that the state had to prove he knew the woman's condition rendered her unable to give consent.

The Supreme Court finds otherwise.

Victoria Wicks has more of this story for SDPB.

SD Department of Corrections

Roger Jackson was convicted of third-degree rape for having sex with a woman who suffers from a rare form of dementia. In late 2018, he was sentenced to 15 years in prison with five years suspended.

Jackson, now 72 years old, appeals, saying the sex was consensual. He also holds that the investigation was inadequate, because detectives did not interview the woman.

The state says the woman was not legally capable of giving consent, and she was also not able to answer questions reliably.

Victoria Wicks

Rapid City criminal justice leaders are looking for ways to lower the disproportionate number of Native inmates in the Pennington County Jail. One suggestion offered at a meeting Tuesday is to survey inmates to find out what it would take to keep them out of jail. The community meeting was led by members of the Native American Outreach Subcommittee, part of a group vying for a grant through the MacArthur Foundation.