Mike Lee's Album Release

May 22, 2020

In The Moment … May 22, 2020 Show 823 Hour 1

Moment In Sound: juQ

Jan 17, 2020

In The Moment ... January 17, 2020 Show 736 Hour 1

juQ is the performance name of Oglala Lakota singer and songwriter Wanbli Ceya. He's an artist and an advocate working to get the language and culture of his people back to life, to get them to sobriety, and to get them to heal. It's the dynamic that drives him wherever he goes.

juQ joins us after having just released his part Lakota language album, "nya", which is the 2nd chapter to his life story, "The Oglala Wolf Puppy with PTSD.” In this segment, you'll hear some music from his November release.

The Special Consensus To Perform In Sturgis

Jun 24, 2013

The Special Consensus plays June 28 & 29 at the Black Hills Bluegrass Festival at Elkview Campground in Sturgis. They'll also play June 27 at 5:30 pm at Main Street Square in Rapid City. The Special Consensus received a 2012 Grammy nomination for Best Bluegrass Album for "Scratch Gravel Road." Greg Cahill plays banjo and sings baritone and tenor harmony vocals. Chicago born and bred, he has been playing bluegrass banjo since the early 1970s.