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605 Magazine's September Issue

21 hours ago
605 Magazine

In The Moment … September 2, 2020 Show 894 Hour 1

The September issue of 605 Magazine goes in exploration of the best murals in the area, takes a break at the Prairie Pink House, and checks in with a Brookings based printmaker. It's all in the Art & Design issue on stands now. With more on what's inside the covers, we welcome Alana Snyder, publisher at 605 Magazine, and John Snyder, Director of Sales and Marketing.


605 Magazine: Road Trip Issue

May 6, 2020
605 Magazine

In The Moment … May 6, 2020 Show 811 Hour 2

A five and a half hour trip to western South Dakota becomes the theme for the May issue of 605 Magazine because John and Alana Snyder know how to turn business into pleasure. Winter stops at chalets, restaurants with exciting menus, fat tire biking, and spas are waiting for you! John Snyder is the director of sales and marketing for 605 Magazine. Alana Snyder is the publisher. Welcome back to In The Moment.

605 Magazine: March 2020

Mar 3, 2020
Chris Laughery

In The Moment ... March 3, 2020 Show 765 Hour 2

The March issue of 605 Magazine takes readers across the state for food and drink. The annual Bar and Restaurant issue features American classics to a new Sioux Falls establishment opened by a family from El Salvador. SDPB's Steve Zwemke visits with John and Alana Snyder of 605 Magazine to discuss the issue.

Chris Laughery

In The Moment ... November 1, 2019 Show 692 Hour 1

If you're not hungry, you will be! 605 Magazine's November issue features some of the newest and latest in food and drinks in the "Mount Rushmore State" - everything from doughnuts to a Mexican/Italian restaurant.

Alana and John Snyder of 605 Magazine stop in to talk about food and drinks. The November issue of 605 Magazine is on the stands now.

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Josh Haiar

In The Moment ... October 7, 2019 Show 674 Hour 2

Do you love history ... and being scared? If so, you're a lot like the crew from 605 Magazine!

From haunted houses old and new to walking ghost and cemetery tours, the October issue of 605 Magazine mixes history and "creepy" into a fun read from cover to cover.

605 Magazine publisher Alana Snyder and Sales and Marketing Director John Snyder scare up stories from the latest issue on In The Moment.

Chris Laughery

In The Moment ... July 2, 2019 Show 608 Hour 2

It's time to play tourist in your own state! John and Alana Snyder of 605 Magazine roll out the July issue which features outdoor destinations in South Dakota.

605 Magazine: Summer Issue

Jun 3, 2019
Chris Laughery

In The Moment ... June 3, 2019 Show 587 Hour 1

The June edition of 605 Magazine is jam-packed with summer events around the state ... in addition to 605 Day and the 605 Summer Classic!

SDPB's Jackie Hendry thumbs through the new issue with John and Alana Snyder of 605 Magazine.

Chris Laughery

In The Moment ... May 1, 2019 Show 566 Hour 1

The May edition of 605 Magazine details John and Alana Snyder's road trip to Aberdeen. Come along as they visit some unique places in the home of Storybook Land, Presentation College, Northern State University and more!

Alana Snyder is publisher of 605 Magazine. John Snyder is the magazine's director of sales and marketing.

Adria Botella

In The Moment ... April 3, 2019 Show 548 Hour 1

From start-ups to stand-bys ...and boutiques to Nerdy Nuts and peculiarities, South Dakota has a lot of interesting businesses. A few of them are featured in the April edition of 605 Magazine.

Alana Snyder, publisher of 605 Magazine, talks about some of the businesses featured in the new issue.

605 Magazine Features Ethnic Eats

Mar 4, 2019
605 Magazine

In The Moment ... March 4, 2019 Show 527 Hour 1

For some South Dakotans serving their customers goes far beyond the food and traditions of their home land.

In The March issue of 605 Magazine, several of South Dakota's ethnic restaurants are featured - not just the food, but the stories of the people who have brought the tastes of places like Afghanistan, Mexico, Ethiopia, Jamaica and more, to the Rushmore State.

605 Magazine publisher Alana Snyder visits about this deliciously themed issue.

605 Magazine: Airbnb South Dakota

Feb 4, 2019
Adria Botella

In The Moment ... February 4, 2019 Show 508 Hour 2

John and Alana Snyder of 605 Magazine discuss Airbnb locations in South Dakota and the good and bad of listing your property or staying in a Airbnb.

The topic is featured in the February issue of 605 Magazine.

Adria Botella

In The Moment ... January 14, 2019 Show 494 Hour 2

The Sioux Falls based arts-centric monthly publication 605 Magazine is celebrating 10 years with their latest issue.

Alana (publisher) and John Snyder (Director of Sales and Marketing) reminisce about the early days of 605 Magazine which focuses on the arts, food, decor, places and the people of South Dakota.