Buffalo Market Holds Its Own.

Jul 31, 2013

South Dakota continues to be the nation’s biggest producer of buffalo meat.   The market for bison has softened in recent months, but only slightly.  

The demand for buffalo has maintained somewhat continued growth over the past several years.  The trend may buck conventional critics who’ve called the buffalo market volatile.

SDPB’s Charles Michael Ray has this update on the growth in demand for buffalo.

"Changing Lands, Changing Hands"

Jul 23, 2013

As older farmers retire, their land will change hands, but who takes over and how that happens will reshape the agriculture industry. NET News and Harvest Public Media examine changing trends in land ownership and what they mean to farm families and rural communities in "Changing Lands, Changing Hands," airing Friday at 9:00 pm Central on SDPB-TV.

The parent company of a large meatpacking operation in Sioux Falls is selling to a Chinese business. The CEO of Smithfield Foods says people who are with John Morrell in Sioux Falls and other plants should embrace the opportunity.

Chinese pork producer Shuanghi is investing billions of dollars to purchase America’s Smithfield foods. Smithfield employs 46,000 people. Smithfield’s President and CEO Larry Pope says workers and farmers should not worry about downsizing, because Shuanghi is not moving operations to China.

State of South Dakota

Tuesday South Dakota’s governor is in China. Governor Dennis Daugaard says the trip helps the state’s businesses establish relationships with Chinese companies. In a call from China, Daugaard says those organizations can foster partnerships with South Dakota industries. 

Dakota Political Junkies

Apr 3, 2013

Denise Ross of the Mitchell Daily Republic and David Montgomery of the Sioux Falls Argus Leader talked about the appointment of Lucas Lentsch as the new head of the South Dakota Department of Agriculture.  They also discussed sequester cuts affecting South Dakota, the state's transparency rating and "draft Brendan Johnson" and "draft Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin" movements with respect to the 2014 U.S. Senate race.

Kealey Bultena / SDPB

At the end of this month, South Dakota’s Secretary of Agriculture is stepping down. Secretary Walt Bones has steered the department for just more than two years. His service ends on April 29, and Governor Dennis Daugaard has appointed Lucas Lentsch as Bones’ successor.

The South Dakota Secretary of Agriculture says he made the decision to step down from his government position when he accepted the appointment in January of 2011.

Ranchers Worry Over Drought

Mar 5, 2013

Sometimes, in South Dakota it’s OK to hope for a blizzard. 

Parts of the Midwest and Eastern United States are getting pummeled by a series of snow-storms this winter.  But,  the severe drought continues in the western part of the state.

Many ranchers and farmers across South Dakota are hoping for more moisture—however they can get it.     Gary Deering ranches near Sturgis.  He’s a Regional Vice President with the South Dakota Stock Growers Association.   Like many Deering is worried about what this spring and summer could bring.

Senate Ag Proposes Research as Summer Study

Mar 5, 2013

One of the state’s summer studies this year could focus on agriculture research. Members of the Senate Ag committee plan to propose a study on developing ag research opportunities in the state, as a way to improve economic development. Senator Jason Frerichs says the ag industry deserves respect and focus for development, but he says he doesn’t believe that’s happening through appropriations. Other committee members raised concerns about agriculture not being selected for a summer study because it’s not “sexy” enough or on the cutting edge of issues.

The U-S Department of Agriculture continues its College Tour in South Dakota Wednesday.  Deputy secretary Kathleen Merrigan is at South Dakota State University. Merrigan will announce new USDA grants for research education and grants to combat U-S and world hunger. South Dakota Secretary of Agriculture Walt Bones says he’s excited to bring Merrigan to the state.  He says his agency will work with the USDA to create new ag opportunities.

USDA Reports On Climate Change

Feb 11, 2013
Kealey Bultena file photo

The United States Department of Agriculture has published two comprehensive reports on what the changing climate means for the future of the nation’s forests and agriculture.

The reports are peer reviewed and include input from over 40 scientists each. 

They show climate change will pose increasing challenges to farmers, ranchers, and foresters in the coming years. 

30th Annual Dakota Farm Show Declared A Success

Jan 10, 2013
University of South Dakota

The 20-13 Dakota Farm Show wraps up today in Vermillion. The Dakota Dome is full of vendors looking to supply farmers with their needs for the upcoming growing season. Farm Show manager Penny Swank says despite a difficult time for producers last year, things could be looking up.

Swank says, "I don’t know—I think everybody’s pretty upbeat, and looking forward to a better year—I think that, exhibitor-wise, I think people are selling. This is our third show of the season, for us, and all of our shows have been sold out—and all of our exhibitors have been very happy."

Beginning Farmers And Ranchers

Nov 26, 2012

Tuesday the South Dakota Department of Agriculture is teaming up with South Dakota State University to host the first Beginning Farmer and Rancher Symposium.  South Dakota Agriculture Secretary Walt Bones says the symposium will get students thinking past school, while preparing them for the challenges ahead.  According to Bones, 98 percent of South Dakota farms are family owned.

BPI vs. ABC News

Sep 13, 2012

A Dakota Dunes beef processing company is suing ABC News over reports that aired this spring about the company’s Lean, Finely-Textured Beef.  Attorney Dan Webb filed the lawsuit in Union County Circuit Court Thursday morning, on behalf of Beef Products, Incorporated.  Webb says ABC referred to the beef product as “pink slime.”