In The Moment … December 9, 2020 Show 957 Hour 1

Recently the South Dakota Department of Ag and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources merged. Governor Kristi Noem named Hunter Roberts as the department's new leader. Today, we check in to see how the merger is progressing. We also get a chance to talk about the state of agriculture in South Dakota.

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Farmers For America Documentary

Nov 23, 2020
Graham Meriwether

In The Moment … November 23, 2020 Show 947 Hour 1

You've just heard an excerpt from the film "Farmers for America" narrated by Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs fame. You can tune in to the documentary on SDPB TV this Thanksgiving Day at 7 CDT/6 MDT. Director Graham Meriweather spent four years trekking across the country in search of farmers in order to tell their stories. Their hard work and energy provide the heartbeat of this film.

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United States Small Business Administration

The U.S. Small Business Administration is providing economic injury disaster loans for South Dakota businesses.  


These loans are available in the southeast part of the state for nonfarm small businesses impacted by the ongoing drought.  

Michael Zimny / SDPB

Parts of northwest South Dakota look much the same today as they did hundreds of years ago, with breathtaking expanses of grass, plains, buttes and sky.

Within just four counties in South Dakota’s northwest corner, there are nearly 9,000 square miles of virgin sod.

Globally, however, about a fifth of the world’s native grasslands have been converted to crops.

That’s troubling for people like Pete Bauman.

Vine-fresh tomatoes. Freshly dug potatoes. You don’t have to have a green thumb to enjoy garden-fresh vegetables. In South Dakota communities large and small, there are gardeners willing to sell their produce. SDPBs Lura Roti has this story.

“It’s just a shift in mindset from being a state that’s raising a lot of commodity crops and livestock, to a state that’s thought about producing the food that we eat here,” says Kari O’Neill.


South Dakota’s 2020 Small Business Person of the Year bought a meat locker in Clark in 2009 and expanded it into a meat-retailing and restaurant operation called Dakota Butcher.

The company has five locations in eastern South Dakota and employs 70 people. Owner Randy Gruenwald said he and his wife, Karen, believe in a simple philosophy.


The Legislature’s Ag and Natural Resources Committee wants some pandemic relief aid directed to local meat processors.

The committee heard from several processors and ag-industry representatives Monday. It was part of a series of legislative hearings about proposed uses of remaining relief funds.

Cindy Tolle of Sturgis Meats said small processors are struggling to keep up with new demand created by the pandemic.

Concerns Over Ag & Environmental Agencies Merger

Sep 11, 2020

This "In the Moment Podcast" dives into the concerns that have arose regarding the merger of the South Dakota Department of Agriculture and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

Farmers Business Network

Some farming methods are better for the environment, but they don’t always come with a big or immediate financial reward.

A quickly growing ag-technology company with an office in Sioux Falls wants to change that.

The six-year-old Farmers Business Network collects data from thousands of farms. Company executive and South Dakota native Devin Lammers said the company analyzes that data and feeds it back to farmers, who use it to improve their operations.


In The Moment … September 1, 2020 Show 893 Hour 1

Hunter Roberts is South Dakota's Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources. Recently governor Kristi Noem announced a merger between his department and the state's Department of Agriculture. This forms the South Dakota Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Hunter Roberts will oversee this new department.


Dave Nicks / Via National Weather Service

A farm economist says the severe storm earlier this week was so big, it could affect the entire farm economy.

The storm was a fast-moving, straight-line windstorm. Meteorologists call it a derecho.

It started in the Dakotas on Monday. Then it picked up speed and blew all the way to Ohio. Wind speeds reached about 100 miles an hour. Farm fields were flattened.

SDPB News: Aug 7

Aug 7, 2020

Drought conditions are settling in the state. How is this affecting South Dakota communities? Plus, what caused of the Mine Draw fire at Custer State Park back in June? All this and more in today’s SDPB News Podcast. Find it on Apple Podcasts or Spotify today. 


South Dakota Congressman Dusty Johnson is both encouraged and disappointed by an investigative report on cattle prices. 

The U.S. Department of Agriculture published the report Wednesday.  

South Dakota Focus Preview

Jun 11, 2020

In The Moment … June 11, 2020 Show 836 Hour 2

We're continuing our conversation about the meat supply chain on this evening's South Dakota Focus.  The program airs tonight at 8 Central, 7 Mountain on SDPB TV. Host Stephanie Rissler joins us now with a preview.

Meat Supply Chain Preview

May 29, 2020

In The Moment … May 29, 2020 Show 827 Hour 1

This is a preview of SDPB's weeklong, multi-platform project on the meat supply chain.


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100th Meridian Project: Part 3

May 13, 2020

In The Moment … May 13, 2020 Show 816 Hour 1

Climate change is challenging farming in the Great Plains with heavier but less frequent rains. In today's Change at the Climate Divide story, for a Harvest Public Media project, Amy Mayer visits the Kansas prairie, where researchers are looking for clues to make agriculture more sustainable.

Impacts Of Smithfield Closure

Apr 13, 2020

In The Moment ... April 13, 2020 Show 794 Hour 2

Trying Times For Local Crop Producers

Apr 9, 2020

In The Moment ... April 9, 2020 Show 792 Hour 1

South Dakotans have shifted almost everything about how we live our lives. If you're feeling the stress and strain of the past few weeks, at least part of that is a simple reflection of how much has changed in our daily routines. We've also changed how we feed ourselves and our families. That has local food producers feeling the financial crunch of coronavirus.  Tom Bodensteiner is president of the South Dakota Specialty Producers Association.  

Political Junkies: State Of The State

Jan 15, 2020

In The Moment ... January 15, 2020 Show 734 Hour 2

South Dakota is open for business! Governor Kristi Noem highlighted the state's business climate during her State of the State address yesterday in Pierre. She also touched on industrial hemp, meth treatment, and agriculture in her speech delivered in front of the South Dakota Legislature.

The Dakota Political Junkies are ready to discuss the governor's address. Joining us are Jon Hunter, publisher of the Madison Daily Leader, and former South Dakota State Senator, Tom Dempster, who represented District 9 for four terms.

Steve Zwemke

In The Moment ... November 4, 2019 Show 693 Hour 2

An Egyptian trade delegation arrived in Sioux Falls Sunday night. They'll spend part of the week touring eastern South Dakota to visit with producers, technology experts and people in agri-business.

SDPB's Steve Zwemke met with Ambassador Hamdi Saleh and State Representatives Michael Saba and Scyller Borglum to discuss the trade mission and finding ways to bring new dollars into South Dakota.


In The Moment ... October 31, 2019 Show 691 Hour 1

Tune in to SDPB-TV Thursday night for South Dakota Focus with Stephanie Rissler as she looks at the future of agriculture in the state. Focus airs at 8:00 p.m. Central.

Rissler joins In The Moment to preview Thursday's episode.

News Special: Future of Farming

Oct 30, 2019

In The Moment has been covering the future of farming all October and today we bring you a special that takes key interviews from the month and brings them together in one podcast.

You'll hear from ag producers, researchers, and scientists that all have a unique perspective on the question: What does the future of farming in South Dakota look like?


In the Moment ... October 9, 2019 Show 676 Hour 1

What does the future of farming look like? What are farmers doing to stay ahead?

Nick Jorgensen helps run a fourth-generation family-owned and operated farm and ranch. The partnership includes his dad Bryan, his uncle Greg, and cousin Cody. Together they run a hunting lodge and a diverse cow, calf and bull development operation. They also farm a 12,000-acre no-till crop operation growing different kinds of feed and certified seed.


In the Moment ... October 9, 2019 Show 676 Hour 1

As we contemplate the future of farming in South Dakota, the most important voices are those of the people working the land. Mark Misar farms 10 miles north of Tyndall. He's also the agriculture education instructor for the Bon Homme School District.

Misar teaches his students about the principles of soil health. And since so many South Dakotans are essentially detached from farming, we asked him for a lesson in the basics.

Jackelyn Severin

In The Moment ... October 2, 2019 Show 671 Hour 1

For the last three decades, farms in South Dakota and around the United States have trended towards bigger operations focusing on growing one or two commodity crops.

Proponents of regenerative agriculture aim to reverse that trend by adding more animal and crop diversity in order to make farming more sustainable both economically and environmentally.

SDPB looks at the future of farming this month. Jackelyn Severin brings you this story from Blue Dasher Farms.

SDSU Extension

In The Moment ... September 11, 2019 Show 656 Hour 1

The South Dakota Farm & Ranch Stress Summit provides mental health training and suicide prevention while offering tools for counselors, agri-businesspeople, and community members on how to recognize and aid those in the ag community who are experiencing chronic stress.

The Summit takes place on September 23-25 at the Arrowwood Cedar Shore Resort & Conference Center in Oacoma. Krista Ehlert, Assistant Professor and Extension Range State Specialist with South Dakota State University, provides details.

One state lawmaker says he’s bringing a trade delegation from Egypt to South Dakota in October.

Democratic Representative Michael Saba says the state must aggressively look for other markets.

“The state should be more involved in this,” Saba says. “As a state representative of the people, I’m taking it upon myself to represent those people in a direct sense and not wait for the state to put these trade delegations together. We haven’t had trade delegations for years, now, from South Dakota. Part of it is we’re sitting here waiting for business to come to us.”

Joshua Haiar

In The Moment ... August 7, 2019 Show 632 Hour 1

Agriculture provides a $32.5 billion economic engine for South Dakota. A July study from the South Dakota Department of Agriculture reports there are 29,968 farms and 48,913 total producers in the state.

Chris Laughery

In The Moment ... August 1, 2019 Show 628 Hour 2

In March, the Stockyard Ag Experience named a new executive director. Abby Bischoff brings many years of marketing and nonprofit management experience, plus some impressive 4-H credentials.

Bischoff has a passion for both Sioux Falls and agriculture. She says the Ag Experience is growing and now offers free admission.

In The Moment ... July 30, 2019 Show 626 Hour 2

U.S. Representative Dusty Johnson is in South Dakota for the August work period. Johnson is Ranking Member of the Agriculture Subcommittee on Nutrituion and Oversight.

After recent hearings on SNAP benefit eligibility requirements, the USDA issued a rule to reform the process. Johnson discusses changes in broad-based categorical eligibility.