There’s a real need across the state for more families to adopt and foster children.

The demand is most acute in west river counties. A smaller population base means fewer potential homes for kids in need. And that can mean a child travels miles away from what’s familiar for a new temporary home.

Right now there are more than 950 kids in the state’s foster care system and 70 children who are available for adoption.

Governor Kristi Noem designated November as adoption awareness month.

Chris Laughery

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The Sioux Falls Humane Society is highlighting their Centennial Year with a full week of events that include everything from free-will adoptions to a Kiddie Carnival.

Allsion Wyant is the special events coordinator for the Sioux Falls Humane Society and Dana Konzem is the Society's volunteer coordinator. They join us today to discuss the events.

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The South Dakota Hall of Fame is celebrating excellence one act at a time.

Barb Pearson-Cramer and Trevor Cramer visit about Building Forever Families. It's an adoption agency in Faulkton that Pearson-Cramer started in 2006. Her goal is to make sure the adoption process is as smooth as possible.

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Today we talk adoption in the state, going beyond the politics of new legislation by looking at how adoption has changed and what it looks like in South Dakota. We begin with Adam Pertman, President and CEO of the National Center on Adoption and Permanency and the author of Adoption Nation: How the Adoption Revolution is Transforming Our Families – and America.

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Adam Pertman is President and CEO of the National Center on Adoption and Permanency, author of "Adoption Nation: How the Adoption Revolution is Transforming Our Families – and America.” He joins us for a conversation about SB 149, a bill aimed at providing protections for faith-based adoption agencies in South Dakota.


The South Dakota Senate has passed a bill that allows faith-based adoption and foster care agencies to refuse service based on religious beliefs.
Critics say that opens the door for discrimination against same-sex couples.
Senate Bill 149 protects faith-based adoption and foster service from losing state funds if they decide to turn away couples who don’t meet their requirements.
State Senator Alan Solano sponsors the bill. He says the measure allows religious groups to match children and parents based on their sincerely-held beliefs.

Melissa Hamersma Sievers / SDPB

South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard says he’s undecided on a bill that expands protections for faith based child placement agencies.
Proponents say the bill protects the adoption and foster parent agencies’ religious freedoms.
Critics say the measure allows discrimination against same-sex couples who want to become foster parents or adopt.
Daugaard says many faith-based agencies accept federal money, which bars them from discrimination based on race and sexuality…

Patrick Hicks

When writer Patrick Hicks and his wife were unable to have biological children, they adopted a little boy from South Korea. In his new book of poetry, Adoptable, Hicks shares the joys of fatherhood and imagines his son as he grows older. The book’s poems also examine what it means to adopt a child from another country and culture. In one poem he asks the question, “Did we do the right thing, importing you to the other side of the world, bringing you to the prairie and the ice?”

State lawmakers are in favor of keeping adoption agencies from applying for pregnancy help center status. Under legislation passed three years ago, women seeking an abortion must wait 72-hours and receive counseling at pregnancy help centers. Current law restricts abortion clinics from the help center designation.

Supporters of House Bill 1180 say women seeking an abortion need neutral counseling centers. The bill also requires pregnancy help centers to annually report licensed counselors to the Department of Health, which proponents say strengthens the counseling requirement.

A bill that further restricts pregnancy help centers from providing adoptions passed through the South Dakota House of Representatives Monday. Under current law, pregnancy help centers that counsel pregnant women cannot provide abortions – the bill expands to include adoptions.

Adoptees Hope to Obtain Original Birth Certificates

Feb 4, 2013

Adoptees are asking state lawmakers to change the law on obtaining original birth certificates in South Dakota. When children are adopted, their original birth certificate is sealed and they are given one with their adopted parents’ names. Once the adoptees turn 18, they can petition the court for their original certificate, but judges don’t always agree to release it. Senate Bill 215 sponsor Senator Angie Buhl tells committee members during her testimony that the process to obtain an original birth certificate is intimidating and can easily discourage people.