In The Moment ... May 16, 2019 Show 577 Hour 2

Thursday May 23rd, a screening of Vanished South Dakota: Towns of Yesterday is going to be played at the Wein Gallery, Presentation College Southeast Building, 1500 N. Main Street, Aberdeen at 7pm.

Sherri Rawstern is curator of education at the Dacotah Prairie Museum. She's the event's featured speaker.


In The Moment ... May 16, 2019 Show 577 Hour 2

The beginning of tornado season in South Dakota is upon us. Ryan Lueck is a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Aberdeen. He joins us today as a reminder of what tornadoes are and how to prepare for them.

Chris Laughery

In The Moment ... May 1, 2019 Show 566 Hour 1

The May edition of 605 Magazine details John and Alana Snyder's road trip to Aberdeen. Come along as they visit some unique places in the home of Storybook Land, Presentation College, Northern State University and more!

Alana Snyder is publisher of 605 Magazine. John Snyder is the magazine's director of sales and marketing.


In The Moment ... March 19, 2019 Show 538 Hour 2

Aberdeen received large amounts of snow last week in the midst of hosting a state basketball tournament. However, the city missed out on the rain that affected southeastern South Dakota.

Aberdeen Mayor Mike Levsen says the city should be able to avoid flooding problems if there's a slow melt of the remaining snow.


In The Moment ... March 13, 2019 Show 534 Hour 2

Mother nature has decided to strike again today here in South Dakota. We are joined by Katie Pojorlie from the Rapid City National Weather Service, Kelly Serr from the Aberdeen National Weather Service, and Peter Jacobs from the Sioux Falls National Weather Service.


In The Moment ... March 4, 2019 Show 527 Hour 2

Girls looking at careers in STEM fields, including science, technology, engineering and mathematics, have an opportunity to listen to experts and, perhaps, find mentors along the way during the Women in Science Conference Tuesday at Northern State University in Aberdeen.

Amy Parkin, lead forecaster at the National Weather Service in Aberdeen, and Dr. Courtney Waid-Lindberg, associate professor of Sociology and Criminal Justice at NSU, visit about the conference and their respective fields.


In The Moment ... January 7, 2019 Show 489 Hour 1

Mike Levsen has been Aberdeen's mayor since 2004. He joins us today from the Tom & Danielle Aman Foundation studio to talk about heading into a new year for the hub city.


In The Moment ... November 5, 2018 Show 454 Hour 2 

Christmas is coming and so is the one and only Moscow Ballet's Great Russian Nutcracker. With world class Russian artists, hand-painted sets, Russian Snow Maidens and Nesting Dolls, the Great Russian Nutcracker brings the Christmas spirit to life for all ages.

The Dove of Peace Tour makes stops in Aberdeen, Sioux Falls and Rapid City.

In The Moment welcomed Akiva Talmi, producer of the Moscow Ballet's Great Russian Nutcracker, for a preview.

Dacotah Prairie Museum

In The Moment ... October 29 2018 Show 449 Hour 2

The year was 1916 when Aberdeen Equity Union Creamery became one of the largest processors and manufacturers of dairy products in the Northwest.

Sue Gates with Dacotah Prairie Museum expands on this business in today's Images of the Past.

Learn more at http://www.sdpb.org/images-of-the-past

Germans From Russia

Oct 25, 2018
Northern State University

In The Moment ... October 25. 2018 Show 448 Hour 2

Germans from Russia are one of the major ethnic groups to settle in South Dakota and help build our state. 

Their journeys and lives are being celebrated this evening and beyond by way of the new South Dakota Germans from Russia Cultural Center on the campus of Northern State University in Aberdeen.  An opening reception takes place this evening from 6:00-8:00 p.m.

Adria Botella

In The Moment ... October 18. 2018 Show 444 Hour 2

Longterm care facilities continue to face challenges throughout the country. As operators struggle to make ends meet, several South Dakota communities have faced the risk of losing their local nursing homes.

In small-town Selby, neighbors are banding together to ensure their nursing home stays open for many years to come.

SDPB's Jackie Hendry visited Selby for a community meeting last night, and joined In The Moment today from the Tom and Danielle Aman Foundation Studio at Northern State University.

Adria Botella

In The Moment ... September 7, 2018 Show 417 Hour 1

Denham McDermott is a South Dakota musician who didn't plan on becoming a musician until another local group showed him it was possible. His debut album "Diaries of Distress" launched in January.

The Sioux Falls Argus Leader named him one of the "10 Sioux Falls Bands You Need to Listen to Right Now." He performs throughout the region this fall with shows in Mitchell, Rapid City, Sioux City, Aberdeen, and Brookings.

Today Denham joined In The Moment at the SDPB Sioux Falls studio for Moment in Sound.

Black Hills State University

In the Moment ... May 1, 2018 Show 327 Hour 1

In honor of National Small Business Week, we welcome two business innovators to the program.

Julie Fishbach is owner of Mainstream Boutique of Aberdeen. She also owns retail shops in Brookings and Sioux Falls. She is serving her second term with the Aberdeen Camber of Commerce.

Dacotah Prairie Museum

In The Moment ... March 26, 2018 Show 304 Hour 2

Sue Gates is the Director of Dacotah Prairie Museum in Aberdeen. She joins us for today's Images of the Past segment to discuss trolleys in Aberdeen.


Emily Griese, Ph.D., director at Sanford Research joins the program to discuss findings from a study of real-time patient data. The data was made available as part of a collaboration with academic institutions to study it for trends and insights.

Ryan Bartz is the Marketing and Communications Specialist for the USD Center for Disabilities and Richard Parent-Johnson is a Senior Research Associate. They discuss the annual Symposium event held Sunday, September 10th through Tuesday, September 12th at the Sioux Falls Convention Center.

Kent Osborne / SDPB

One state lawmaker says he hopes a special session is called very soon to determine what beneficial use of non-meandered water is for the public.
During day two of public hearings on the issue in Aberdeen, State Senator Brock Greenfield says he hopes a special legislative session is called soon to consider any legislation.

Lee Strubinger / SDPB

The first of two legislative hearings on non-meandered waters is being held in Aberdeen. Many testifiers focused on the economic benefit fishing has in Northeastern South Dakota.

Some sportsmen say they want a solution that also makes landowners happy.

Water has flooded private property in Day County for decades, and hunters, fishermen and women, and outdoors-people have constitutional access to that water. This has created a rift between landowners and recreationist.


THODOS Dance Chicago is in residency this week in Sisseton and Aberdeen. The Emmy-nominated documentary SHINE airs on SDPB-TV on Sunday, December 11. It's an in-depth look at the making of THODOS Dance Chicago's "A Light in the Dark." Laura Gates of THODOS Dance Chicago joins Dakota Midday to talk about this week's residency in the state.

NWS Embarks On $150 Million Radar Upgrades

Sep 21, 2016
National Weather Service - Rapid City

Officials say the three National Weather Service radars located in the state are due for upgrades.
The four phase project is set to cost around $150 million  and take around five years to complete.

Travis Kiefer is the founder of a new makerspace in Aberdeen called CREATE. Kiefer is a South Dakota kid who went on to the Ivy League and Silicon Valley, returned home to invest in the city of Aberdeen and in future ideas and innovations, and imagined a stronger connection between technology and elder care. 

He joins Dakota Midday host Lori Walsh for a conversation about makerspaces, ingenuity, and the promise of waking up to the tune of birdsong instead of car horns.

West Nile Virus Found In Brown County

Jun 14, 2016
South Dakota Public Broadcasting

Mosquitoes in Brown County tested positive for West Nile virus. It’s the first detection of the season in South Dakota. State epidemiologist Dr. Lon Kightlinger says this means the virus is here for the summer. Kightlinger says Brown County is the national hotspot for West Nile virus, but people across the state should take safety measures.

DCI Continues To Investigate Sparkler Bomb Incident

Jun 13, 2016

Officials with the South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation continue to look into an incident involving a sparkler bomb found on the roof of the Aberdeen American News. As SDPB’s Jenifer Jones reports, they’re going to review security footage from the building – but officials don’t think this is a malicious act.

Bollen Pleads Not Guilty

Jun 3, 2016

A man accused of misusing money related to the federal EB-5 program has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Joop Bollen faces five class six felony charges of disposing of personal property subject to security interest. He’s accused of taking more than a million dollars from a program offering visas in return for investment money. Bollen pleaded not guilty to all five counts, and is requesting a trial by jury. He is currently out on bond.

Horse Racing Tradition Continues In Aberdeen

May 23, 2016

Over the weekend top racehorses competed in the Preakness Stakes in Baltimore. But there were also races taking place a little closer to home. The Northeast Area Horse Races are happening this month in Aberdeen.


Aberdeen Possible Direct Refugee Resettlement Site

Apr 15, 2016

UPDATE: According to the Office of Refugee Resettlement, under the US Department of Health and Human Services, nearly 70,000 refugees entered the US in fiscal year 2014. They were settled in 47 states, plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. In 2014 South Dakota became home for 523 refugees from eleven different countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

EB-5 Charges No Surprise For Aberdeen Residents

Apr 7, 2016

The man who led a federal program offering visas in exchange for foreign investment dollars in South Dakota faces criminal charges in Aberdeen. That city was home to a failed beef plant that used EB-5 money. Some Aberdeen residents say the charges were expected.


Aberdeen Mayor Mike Levson says it wasn’t a surprise that charges were brought against Joop Bollen. He says concern over the EB-5 scandal has faded for people in his community.

Bollen Makes Initial Court Appearance In EB-5 Case

Apr 1, 2016

A man accused of taking money that was related to a federal program made his initial court appearance in Aberdeen Friday. Joop Bollen is accused of misusing funds connected to the EB-5 program, which offers visas in return for investment dollars.

Dept. Of Health Offers Mosquito Control Grants

Mar 15, 2016

Many in South Dakota welcome the arrival of spring and summer. But the season can also bring swarms of pesky mosquitoes. The State Department of Health awards grants funding to help local governments control mosquito populations and prevent West Nile virus.  

South Dakota’s West Nile epidemic peaked back in 2003. Since then, the number of West Nile cases has decreased from over 1,000 to 40 reported illnesses last year.

Lon Kightlinger is the state epidemiologist. He says mosquito control programs and grant funding help reduce the number of West Nile cases each year.  

Jenifer Jones

Teachers from across the state say they’re traveling to Pierre to support education funding, yet not everyone is convinced the move is right. A leading lawmaker and the president of a statewide teachers’ organization have different perspectives on the effect of educators turning up at the Statehouse. Still teachers plan to show up this week for debate in Piere. 

Officials with the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation are looking for ideas to make Aberdeen a better place to live and work. The Knight Cities Challenge invites innovators from 26 communities nationwide to apply for a share of $5 million to make their cities more successful.