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Last week the man regarded as the best basketball player in the world announced that he was returning home to Ohio. Four year after leaving Cleveland for Miami, LeBron James said he’s signing a two-year, 42 million dollar contract with his old team.

Scott Meyer is the brofounder of 9 Clouds, a digital marketing and education firm that improves the digital literacy of businesses. He writes and hosts the Digital Homesteading blog and podcast focusing on growing rural business and community. His most recent book, Navigating Social Media: A Field Guide, provides strategies and tutorials for using social media effectively for business. Learn more and join his band of digital homesteaders at 9clouds.com/blog. Meyer talked about new efforts to teach rural entrepreneurs how to improve their communities.

SD Social Media Rankings

Aug 12, 2013

For two years, Lemonly has done a South Dakota brands on Facebook infographic but this year they wanted to take it up a notch. Their interns also tackled South Dakota brands, faces and places with the most followers on Twitter as well as the ever-popular Facebook likes comparison: http://lemon.ly/work/south-dakota-brands-on-social-media#

John T. Meyer, founder and CEO of the visual marketing firm Lemonly and co-founder of the digital marketing company 9 Clouds, talks about this infographic.