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Kelly Evans-Hullinger

  • The focus this week of On Call with the Prairie Doc® is ear, nose, and throat. These are vital parts of our bodies and need to be attended to in order to keep them operating properly. There are many factors that affect these parts such as antihistamine use, what are the long-term effects? Dr. Kelly Evans is this week’s host of On Call with the Prairie Doc®.
  • A cancer diagnosis puts fear in anyone involved. Some, perhaps most, cancers are of no fault of the person diagnosed. We do have the ability to choose not to do certain things that may lead to cancer. Kelly Evans, MD is a member of the On Call with the Prairie Doc® team.
  • In The Moment ... April 23, 2020 Show 802 Hour 2On Call with the Prairie Doc® is on SDPB TV Thursday nights at 7 central 6 mountain. Tonight's episode is…