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In The Moment: Healthcare

  • After 1 million successful organ transplants nationwide, the number of patients awaiting the potentially life-saving procedure remains high.
  • Mental health concerns among American teens have been on the rise the past decade. On Call with the Prairie Doc® this week is hosted Deb Johnston, M.D., She and her panel will discuss the importance of treatment. This show is on SDPB TV Thursday night at 7 p.m. CDT / 6 p.m. MDT.
  • On Call with the Prairie Doc® is Thursday night on SDPB TV hosted this week by Dr. Kelly Evans. She and her guests will discuss sports medicine.
  • Governor Noem says it's time to repeal the sales tax on groceries. Democrat Jamie Smith says seven months ago she was opposed to it. We'll talk with Dakota Political Junkie Jon Hunter about the governor's campaign announcement and her opponent's response. We'll also search for insight from the latest attack ad against Smith.
  • On Call with the Prairie Doc® is now in its 21st season. Thursday night’s show on SDPB TV is hosted by Dr. Deb Johnston. New research indicates that talking about suicide is an important part of preventing it. She and her guests will discuss warning signs and suicide prevention.
  • How puppies become themselves. Author and dog cognition scientist Alexandra Horowitz is with us to talk about her new book. Governor Kristi Noem says a Sioux Falls ballot question is bad for business. The Public Utilities Commission race tackles questions of eminent domain. We'll discuss the future of conservation, politics, packing plants, and pipelines.
  • On Call with the Prairie Doc® is now in its 21st season. Thursday night’s show on SDPB TV is hosted by Dr. Jill Kruse and the topic is diagnosing, understanding, and treating gastrointestinal issues.
  • South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem has received surgery on her back and will need to limit her campaign trail appearances. We ask how can she turn video conversations into intimate talks with voters. Does limited mobility give her opponent the upper hand? We also look at challenger Jamie Smith's latest campaign ad with "a chicken in every pot."
  • The regional Planned Parenthood has new leadership. CEO Ruth Richardson is also a Minnesota state legislator. She says it's time to rethink how we talk about abortion. We ask her about the future of abortion access in South Dakota. In a state where abortion is illegal, what kind of bills might South Dakota lawmakers agree on?
  • Nikki Gronli from USDA joins us to talk about funding for rural development. What do South Dakota families need from the internet? How can communities apply for federal infrastructure money?First, when is the right time to ask someone if they are thinking about suicide? Last year the South Dakota Department of Health reported 198 suicide deaths. That's the highest number since tracking began. We talk with the vice president of behavioral health at Avera Matt Stanley, D.O.