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Small Town, Big Talent, And The Langford Area Lions


In parts of South Dakota, High School Football is a big deal. Fans don’t have to travel to the metro areas to find a great game.

The state is host to some impressive young athletes, and they’re often found in small towns.

The little town of Langford, South Dakota is home to the Langford Area Lions. The community is small, but don’t take it for granted – this 9B school has a football team that can flat out play ball.

The team is led by two seniors – Lincoln Gibbs, who is a running back and Linebacker, and Chance Olson, who plays defensive back and quarterbacks the Lions squad.

Both kids have the ability to play college ball, but right now Gibbs is the only one who has officially committed.

“I’m committed to playing football at USD. So I’m pretty excited about that, it’s a new chapter in my life – get some new diversity going on there," says Gibbs. "It’ll be different coming from a school of 13 kids in my class to a big university like that to play football. Transitioning to 11-man will be different too, but I’m ready to take on that challenge.”

Olson isn’t yet sure where he’ll go to college, but he knows he wants to play football.

“You know, I’ve gotten a couple letters for track and basketball. But me personally, I think football would fit me most for my abilities. I could probably excel in football the best," says Olson.

Last season, the Langford Area Lions made history by winning their first ever state football championship 52-28 over the highly respected Harding County Ranchers.  That game featured a record-breaking performance by Gibbs of 350-yards rushing. It’s the best rushing performance ever in a South Dakota state championship game.