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The 2016 Fall Golf Championships Are Underway In South Dakota

Nate Wek

The state fall golf championships are currently underway in South Dakota. Class AA boys are competing at the Moccasin Creek Country Club in Aberdeen, while the Class A boys are at the Hart Ranch Golf Course in Rapid City. John Krogstrand with the South Dakota High School Activities Association says state golf is special because it’s all about the team.  

"I think one of the coolest things is you talk about the tournaments that you play in so many other times, it’s all individual based, it’s all about the individual," explains Krogstrand. "Where as here with our tournaments the focus is really on the team. The individual walks out of here, sure with a medal, but you have that team award that you get to put back in your trophy case and come back 50-60 years later and it’s still there. You can still see that “hey I was a part of that” and that really representing the community and school is such a big draw."

Both tournaments will finish up on Tuesday. For scores, pairings, and photos of the event, visit sdpb.org/golf.