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Disabled Youth Hunt Marks 9th Year In Clark, S.D.

Courtesy PDR Disabled Youth Hunt

The 2016 PDR Disabled Youth Hunt took place near the town of Clark this past weekend. The annual event offers youth with disabilities the opportunity to take part in an authentic South Dakota whitetail deer hunt with all expenses paid.
The Payton Dean Rasmussen Disabled Youth Hunt is in its 9th year. It’s named after Dean Rasmussen’s grandson…who died at 17 months. The goal of the hunt is to give kids with disabilities who have an interest in hunting a chance to actually take part in the sport.

Of course, the question is what is “an authentic South Dakota whitetail deer hunt”? PDR Disabled Youth Hunt spokesman Mike Costanzo explains.

“Well…this is as realistic as it can be,” observes Costanzo. “These are wild deer. These are in the field hunts. They are guided hunts. These kids have to stalk their prey. That is…they wait for their prey. They have to get up early and go to their stands. And we have the kids in the field…hunting wild deer.”

Credit Courtesy PDR Disabled Youth Hunt
16-year old hunter “High Caliber” Cal has been known for his energy and shooting ability during the 4 years he’s taken part in the Dean Rasmussen Disabled Youth Hunt.

This is the fourth year 16-year old Jordan has taken part in the hunt.

“How are you doing?” I ask during our long-distance telephone call. 

“I’m pretty tired,” Jordan replies.

“Pretty tired,” I repeat. “What time did you get up this morning?” 

“uh…4:30,” Jordan responds. “It’s like….really early and you feel like a walking zombie when you wake up.”

Notwithstanding…Jordan managed to get his deer. He adds that he may not be able to take part in sports like other kids his age….

“But I can certainly do something to make myself stand out…among the crowd.” Jordan comments.

And that’s a sentiment shared by fellow hunter “High Caliber” Calvin – known for his energy and shooting ability.

“I feel that it’s a really great program and the people that run it are really great people, “ High Caliber Cal observes.  

Twelve young hunters from South Dakota and Minnesota took part in this year’s PDR Disabled Youth Hunt. The event is open to residents across the country and offers free lodging, accommodations and meals.

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