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South Dakota Native Shane Van Boening Wins Two US Open Pool Championships

Kyle Mork
South Dakota Public Broadcasting

Rapid City resident and professional pool player Shane Van Boening has won both the US Open 8-Ball Championship and the US Open 10-Ball Championship.

As a child, Van Boening was diagnosed with severe hearing loss. Today he uses hearing aids.

Van Boening spoke to SDPB in 2014 at J.J. Billiards in Sioux Falls. He says sometimes when he’s playing pool he’ll turn off the hearing aids to help him concentrate.

“If I have an important match and if I really want to win, I usually turn them off," says Boening. "It’s just complete different situation where you don’t have to hear any noises or distractions.”

According to the World Pool-Billiard Association, Van Boening is the tenth best pool player in the world and the number one professional pool player in the United States.

He's set to compete in the World 9-Ball championship next month.

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